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Onion model of blockchain security: additional security is added at each layer

Author: DeribitMarket Research Translation: Zi Ming Source: Crypto Valley Editor's Note: The original title was "The Onion Model of Blockchain Security" According to experience, public chains are safe. In most of their history, they have successfully achieved their design goals, that is, processing transactions without any errors. This is indeed the fact we observed, but […]

Security Monthly Report | More than 17 typical security incidents occurred in March, the prospects and risks of Ethereum Defi coexist

According to the data monitoring of Chengdu Lian'an "Blockchain Security Situation Awareness System" (Beosin-Eagle Eye), various security incidents have occurred in the past three months. Chengdu Lian'an security personnel counted more than 17 typical security incidents in March, which involved Ethereum Defi security, exchange security, fraud and road issues, and other security incidents. From another […]

Interview | Weizhong Bank Blockchain Security Scientist: Strictly adhere to the privacy data red line, business innovation compliance

On March 24th, "Chain Talk" was fortunate to invite Dr. Yan Qiang, the blockchain security scientist of Weizhong Bank, as a guest chain live broadcast room. Let's discuss the topic of "strictly adhere to the red line of privacy data and business innovation compliance." Yan Qiang: ○ PhD in SMU Information Security, Winner of Best […]

Smart contract backdoor unveiled: It's not just hackers who steal money, the "one-click coin" platform has hidden backdoors

I believe that my friends are no strangers to the concept of "additional issuance" in the token field. For example, TEDA has frequently issued ERC20 USDT on Ethereum recently. Since this is an act that increases the circulation of tokens, it has been full of controversy . Of course, under normal circumstances, the additional issue […]

Windows Defender is found to be a security bug, and encrypted users may be at risk

Researchers reportedly discovered Microsoft's security bug in the latest version of Windows Defender. The vulnerability opens the door to malware that could compromise the integrity of crypto wallets and other sensitive data. Source: Pixabay Microsoft Defender does not complete scanning This bug found by Windows Latest is included with Windows Defender 4.18.2003. There are reports […]

Hardcore: Declassified U.S. Department of Justice sues Chinese OTC acceptor for money laundering

Source: PeckSheild On March 02, 2020, the U.S. Department of Justice initiated indictments against two Chinese people named Tian Yinyin and Li Jiadong on the grounds of conspiracy to launder money and remittances without a license, and frozen all their assets. The reason is that between December 2017 and April 2019, the two of them […]

Crypto investment fund Trident hacked, data leaks of 266,000 users

Author: Liang CHE Source: Tweet Trident, a Malta-based crypto investment fund, leaked data from up to 266,000 users as a result of the hack. Russian newspaper Izvestia reported on Thursday that Ashot Oganesyan, chief technology officer of cybersecurity company DeviceLock, said users' personal data had been posted on multiple file-sharing sites after the incident. […]

Breaking the Impossible Triangle of the Blockchain (6)-Blowing a Whistle on the Activity of the Blockchain

Author: maxdeath, Click "breakthrough Block Chaining impossible triangle" series Finally, we return to the "security" quoted in the previous article, because there happened to be such a paper on the security of Lightning Network recently: , and we take this Let's talk about the off-chain technology and the security of the blockchain. Lightning network […]

Report: 26 crypto exchanges and escrow providers such as Coinbase have been targeted by new Trojan viruses

On March 2, 2020, Amsterdam-based cybersecurity company ThreatFabric released a report on a new threat to the crypto community, the "Cereberus" Trojan horse virus. Source: Pixabay According to their report, Cereberus was able to steal the two-factor authentication code generated by the Google Verification application, which is used to secure online banking and email accounts, […]

February security incident inventory: 12 incidents lost a total of 48.23 million US dollars, bZx was attacked by hackers

According to data from the PeckShield situational awareness platform, in the past month, a total of 11 prominent security incidents occurred in the entire blockchain ecosystem. The degree of damage was rated as "intermediate", and the amount of damage was USD 48.23 million, involving DeFi 4 cases, exchanges 4 1 case, 1 DApp, 1 case […]