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In April, China's blockchain standard construction speeds up the application of large-scale landing and adds another puzzle

Source: Interchain Pulse Author: Kim go car Recently, the construction of domestic blockchain standards has accelerated. Since April, 2 national standards for blockchain have been approved; 1 national standard for anti-counterfeiting and traceability has made clear requirements for the application of blockchain in this field; 1 "blockchain + epidemic prevention and control" provincial level The […]

Report from the Electronic Standards Institute of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: Blockchain standardization helps digital economic development

Source of this article: People's Venture Capital Blockchain Author: Li Ming, China Electronics Standardization Institute Block Chaining Research Office; Li Jiazheng, Standards Development Engineer, China Electronics Standardization Institute; Sun Lin, Standard Development Engineer, China National Institute of Electronic Standardization. Core points   With the rapid development of blockchain technology, more organizations recognize the value of […]

Interview with Mu Changchun of the Digital Research Institute of the Central Bank: Where did the first financial blockchain standard come from?

Source of this article: Surging News Author: surging News intern reporter Ye Ying Zheng Ge charge At the end of February, the People's Bank of China issued the Technical Specification for Financial Distributed Ledgers (hereinafter referred to as the "Safety Specification"), which was formally implemented from February 5th, which is China's first financial blockchain standard […]

Led by the central bank, the first blockchain standard in the domestic financial industry is released

Recently, "Financial Distributed Ledger Technical Security Specifications" (JR / T 0184-2020) financial industry standards (hereinafter referred to as standards) were released. This is the first blockchain standard in the domestic financial industry. The "Standards" are under the centralized management of the National Financial Standardization Technical Committee, and are proposed and drafted by the Digital Currency […]

China's Blockchain Technology Standardization: Exploration, Practice and Journey Beginning in 2016

This article was written by Wanxiang Blockchain Standardization Research Group. Significance of blockchain technology standardization Blockchain technology is derived from the technical architecture mentioned by Satoshi Nakamoto in the paper "Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System." Unlike other mature IT technologies, the development process of blockchain technology has a strong technical geek color. Many high-impact […]

The blockchain national standard is expected to be released at the end of the year? This national standard is not the national standard!

At present, global blockchain technology and industry are developing rapidly, and domestic and international standardization work is also accelerating. Blockchain is a new type of computer technology that is cross-industry, cross-domain, and basic. The wide range of applications reflects the value creation advantages and challenges. In particular, industries need standards to guide and support technology […]

Encryption hosting challenges: conflicts of interest and technical standards

In this paper, Alexandre Kech, founder and CEO of OnChain Custodian, exclusively contributed to PANews. He believes that independent third-party hosting fills the gaps in the industry and solves the potential conflicts of interest in the industry's mixed operations. The existing regulatory framework does not apply to the custody of cryptographic assets. In addition to […]

Large factory enclosure, small factory group: blockchain standard gunshots

If the standard dispute is the dispute over the right to speak, then the standard is to seize the market and distribute the benefits. Especially in the field of emerging technologies, standards have led the way in technology development and industry. "First-class companies do the standard", therefore, companies hope to put their own patents into […]

Standard Revelation: Blockchain Discourse Rights Competition and New Industrial Order

Blockchain technology has been around for ten years since its inception. However, in the process of integration of technology and industry, different industry insiders have different interpretations of the blockchain. Different companies use their own blockchains, and there is no standard of operation, agreement and testing between each other. In the state of competition and […]