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2020 China Blockchain Talent Development Report: The global market size will reach $ 13.96 billion, with SMEs as the main force for recruitment

Editor's Note: This article has been deleted without altering the author's original intention. The original title was “ Release of Interchain Pulse and Announced the “ Research Report on the Development of China's Blockchain Talents in 2020 '' In the afternoon of March 19th, under the guidance of the Internet Industry Research Institute of Tsinghua […]

Digital currency talent halves: more deadly than halving assets, halving employees

Source of this article: Block Ark , original title "Second Half Tide of Digital Currency Practitioners" Author: Warren captain Crash On March 9, 2020, after experiencing a sharp drop in the price of Bitcoin from 9200 to 7700 in the first two days, digital currency investors who thought the market had stabilized did not expect […]

Digging the "foot of the wall" in Zhongguancun, 100 million yuan to grab academicians, local governments set off a battle for blockchain talent

Text: Ringer Source: A blockchain How does the blockchain industry view the past 2019? "2019 is the year when the blockchain will usher in a turnaround." On the first day of 2020, an article in the overseas edition of "People's Daily" wrote the opinions of many blockchain practitioners. In October 2019, a speech by the […]

Behind the difficulty of recruiting on the blockchain: the number of job seekers reaches 7 times the recruitment demand

Source of this article: Beijing News Network , original title "Behind the" false prosperity "of blockchain talents" Author: Beijing News reporter Li Xiang Ling Su season proofread As you can imagine, one day in the future, the results of the hospital examination will be fully shared, and the patient does not need to repeat the […]

Blockchain accelerates the scarcity of talents into the biggest challenge

Source: 21st Century Business Herald Author: Poplar Recently, Zhu Jiang’s friends and family called and told him that he finally knew what he was doing. This change in family and friends is due to the hot blockchain. At the beginning of 2016, Zhu Jiang, who worked for IBM at that time, began to focus on […]

Blockchain Talent Survey in 2019: Corresponding to cryptocurrency-related job search fell by 67% Recruitment Top Ten Employers Only One Blockchain Enterprise

According to the conclusions of the reporters and analysts, Bitcoin has been hung up – and it has been hung up more than once, but more than 350 times. Since 2010, articles about bitcoin have appeared every year. While the debate about the specific advantages of cryptocurrencies and whether the blockchain has become mainstream in […]

Encrypt the world gang, find out

"I have learned more on the street than in any classroom." In the Silicon Valley venture capital circle, the "PayPal Gangster" is a topic that cannot be avoided. The term first appeared in an article in Fortune magazine, which mentioned that since PayPal was acquired by eBay in 2002, most of the early important employees […]

The trap of the blockchain talents: After the "pseudo-blue sea", what are the reasons for the supply and demand sides?

From a night of red bursts to a yellow sand blow, the blockchain talent market is also floating with the heat of the industry. The scene of a million-year salary waiting for a long time is no longer there. The high-paying “blue sea” of blockchain talents is showing its original shape when the industry cools […]