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DeFi product designer, Chinese community strategist … 16 new positions unique to the crypto industry

Original: Decrypt , original author: Charles d'Haussy Source: Odaily Planet Daily, Translator: Nin Yin Si Tang, original title "Star Frontline | 16 New Jobs Unique to the Crypto Industry" Whether you believe the crypto spring is coming, you can notice that the job market has begun to flourish. Despite the ups and downs of the […]

Challenges and Prospects of Blockchain 2020: DC / EP is expected to be released, Libra may no longer be "the original look"

To this day, everyone who is still on the blockchain front must firmly believe that blockchain is a useful and already valuable technology. At the moment when 2019 is about to pass, we reviewed the historical nodes that have been critical to the blockchain industry in the past year (see "End of Year Inventory 1: […]

Recruitment of blockchain talents returns to rationality: both the number of miners and the salary of mining-type companies have fallen

Source: Securities Daily Reporter Li Bing As the development of the blockchain industry becomes more rational, the market's demand for blockchain professionals is also becoming clearer. According to incomplete statistics of the Zero One Think Tank, from the middle of the year to October, the number of recruiters and salary of blockchain mining machine companies […]

Blockchain talent shortage: annual salary of 200,000, unable to recruit blockchain engineers

Source: Economic Guide, the original title "The annual salary of 200,000 blockchain talent is also difficult to find" Author: Liu Yong Blockchain technology has become one of the backbones of a new round of technological change in the world. The Economic Herald reporter found in the survey that although the blockchain once again encountered “window”, […]