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Viewpoint | Does Blockchain Need Traffic Thinking?

Source of this article: Everyone is a product manager Author: A letter For a project, its activity determines its survival. This sentence is also applicable to the blockchain-if there is no continuous use by users, no traffic injection, and the application of traffic thinking in the blockchain era is ignored, how can blockchain projects capture […]

In the era of "Black Swans", learn to use blockchain thinking to improve anti-fragility

This article is reproduced from AC Auto Author / Shijuro After Jingdong left, many friends thought that I had left the aftermarket industry. In fact, I have never left, because I am too affectionate about the industry and I hope to contribute a little more to the industry. When friends in the Tao asked each […]

Humanity's Largest Collaborative War "Epidemics" and Blockchain Thinking

Article 丨 Interlink Pulse · Yuan Shang Reprinted without authorization! [Interlink Pulse] The "war epidemic" is a major event in China and even the world. The war between humans and viruses without gunpowder may have begun since the birth of human beings, but there are many tools in the human arsenal, including the blockchain. Mutual […]

Perspectives | MOV Ecology and Blockchain Thinking

1 Pain points of the blockchain industry We often wonder whether the positive attitude of the government, the positive reports of the media, the accumulation of funds and talents, the world of the blockchain seems bright, but when you look down at the reality, you will find that the journey is long and distant. Seems […]