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God of V: ​​Breaking the conventional thinking of the relationship between layer1 and layer2 of the blockchain

Foreword: God V believes that although layer 1 should remain simple and stable in the long run, layer 2 focuses on more innovation. This is a good idea. However, in the short term, layer 1 is not powerful enough. To achieve this perfect layered relationship between layer 1 and layer 2, we must first make […]

Twitter Picks | YouTube's "missing" aftermath: netizens don't buy it, V God thinks or has something to do with Google

1. YouTube " accidental deletion " aftermath : Crypto communities don't buy accounts, decentralized platforms are hotly debated again The YouTube cryptocurrency video incident that has caused a stir and controversy in the crypto community, YouTube said today that deleting hundreds of crypto-related videos this week is " accidental deletion ." A YouTube spokesperson said: […]

Cross-border big frame: C-position of "emerging" station, "classical" sides

On October 14th, the cross-border squatting group took a photo with a screen chain and two coins. At the closed-door summit of Dragonfly Crypto Summit in Beijing, Shen Nanpeng, Feng Bo and the founder of the US group Wang Xing stood on both sides, in the middle of the Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin. Among the […]

Why did you not disclose the blockchain layout when you squeezed out the US group that Baidu promoted the ATM combination?

Today, the traditional Internet amnesty and Ethereum founder V God's photo, from left to right, followed by Sequoia Capital Shen Nanpeng, Ceyuan Capital Feng Bo, Vitalik, Meituan founder Wang Xing, and public comment CEO Zhang Tao. Everyone has speculated that "Is this going to do something?" The amount of information is very large, and it […]