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"Bitcoin Secret History": Bitcoin Forum Discussion on "Snack Machines"

Source: Hash Pie Author: LucyCheng Unmanned vending machines are synonymous with convenience and speed. Bitcoin is a consensus network where all confirmed transactions are packaged into blocks. If you combine the two, you will have a paradox; because no one wants to spend an hour in front of the drone waiting for the transaction to […]

Depth | Block rewards are about to be halved, is BTC still safe? (on)

Author: Hasu, James Prestwich, Brandon Curtis Translation: Harry Zhang Source: Encrypted Valley If an application or protocol can achieve its goals in a confrontational environment, it is safe. In the case of BTC, the goal is to create a payment system that anyone can participate in. Only legal owners can spend tokens, and all valid […]

How to use the model to analyze the security of Bitcoin, how to ensure security after the block subsidy is reduced?

Authors: Hasu (independent researcher), James Prestwich (Summa founder), Brandon Curtis (Radar Research Director) to compile and interpret: LeftOfCenter If an application or protocol achieves its goals in a hostile environment, including against those who are willing to spend a lot of resources to destroy the system, then we call it "safe." Unfortunately, no system can […]

The 18 millionth BTC has been dug up, and the "empty anxiety" is the true eternal story of Bitcoin.

Around eight in the morning, the 600,000th block was dug up. One question many people like to ask is "How much bitcoin is not dug out?" This question is more than three million before you go to sleep. After you wake up, it is more than two million. In short, you can't buy it without […]

Bitcoin is very secure: the fear of reduced block rewards is exaggerated

The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, only represents the author's own point of view, does not represent the views or positions of the credit letter or the credit research institute. This article is about 9,500 words, and it takes about 20 minutes to read the full text. Too long to read […]

喵 区 blockchain 27 issues | a trick to teach you the fast blockchain hardcore technology "old driver"

Symmetric encryption & asymmetric encryption First of all, why should we encrypt the data? For example, Agent A wants to write a letter to Agent B. If it is not encrypted, it will be transmitted directly in clear text. It may be intercepted by a malicious third party during the transmission process. The malicious third […]

Is it better to lower the block size of Bitcoin?

Talking about religious or political topics at the table often leads to heated debate. Similarly, don't mention block size issues in front of Bitcoin enthusiasts. Today, asking for a reduction in block size is certainly controversial. Bitcoin itself is facing serious scalability problems. How can the problem be solved by making the block smaller? At […]

Andreas Antonopoulos explains the principles in depth: What are mining awards, candidate blocks and coinbase transactions?

According to Ambcrypto's April 4 report, Andreas Antonopoulos, the influential bitcoin evangelist of the book Mastering Bitcoin, recently appeared on YouTube. The question-and-answer session called "Iterating nonces and the block reward" talks about topics related to Bitcoin block rewards and mining. Image source: When asked how to "block" the block rewards with the user […]