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Eat Reason Rationally | Who is the real winner of the Steem incident?

Sun Yuchen VS Steem community was the most discussed topic in the industry last week. On February 14, Sun Yuchen completed the acquisition of Steemit. In order to prevent the on-chain capital power, the Steem witness node jointly launched a soft fork, turning the "witness" seats bought by Sun Yuchen into huge sums into empty […]

Bitcoin Secret History: What did Satoshi Nakamoto and BM chat in Bitcointalk

Source: Hash Pie Author: LucyCheng In mid-2010, before Satoshi Nakamoto disappeared, not long after BM first came into contact with Bitcoin, the two had a head-on confrontation on the Bitcointalk forum; and Satoshi Nakamoto also left a classic to this day in this discussion. Quotes. (Screenshots of discussions between BM and Satoshi Nakamoto on the […]

EOS retail: BM is like a dream young man

Author: Breeze Source: Beep News BM's "chaos" caused the price of EOS in the callback to collapse again. Prior to that, EOS trend was positive. On the one hand, boosted by the halving market, EOS is leading the way, and investors' confidence in EOS has rebounded. On the other hand, TRON acquired Steemit, Voice launched […]

Half a year of research and development can't beat BM's mouth? Isn't Voice worth looking forward to?

Author | Xin Nan Edit | Mandy 王 梦蝶 Production | Odaily Planet Daily (ID: o-daily) An unscrupulous remark made the currency people who were somewhat panicked in the call back even more dissatisfied. Within 2 hours of BM's remarks, the EOS Falls fell by nearly 12 points, and the entire network had hundreds of […]

AI analyzes 17-bit encrypted Big V personality: Vitalik is the most intelligent, and BM has strong self-confidence

Researchers recently used the IBM Watson artificial intelligence platform to analyze the personality characteristics of 17 big crypto Vs, including Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin, EOS founder BM, and Coinbase founder Brian Armstrong. The study found that intelligence, liberalism, and caution are their most representative personality traits. Among them, Vitalik, Brian Armstrong and Ripple CEO Bradley […]

BM's latest article: How to overcome artificial restrictions with untrusted smart contracts

Author: BM (Daniel Larimer) Original: Medium Source: Planet Daily Translator: Nian Yinsi Tang Original title: "Star Frontline | BM Detailed Untrusted Contract How to Overcome Artificial Limits" On October 17th, BM (Daniel Larimer) published an article on Medium, giving his opinion on “How to overcome artificial constraints with untrusted smart contracts”. The full text is […]

Can incentive model adjustment improve EOS online voting? BM release new ideas for governance

Summary: A new token pledge model. Yesterday morning, EOS founder BM released the EOS blockchain governance proposal, hoping to improve the EOS network voting problem by adjusting the incentive model. In this proposal, BM separates different types of pledge pools and adopts certain incentives and restrictions to separate pledge users for different purposes. These include: […]

BM will transfer the steem to the EOS. Is it good or false?

After BM's six-month "super-good" momentum in EOS, the EOS conference was held in Washington on the morning of June 2nd. The original conference was expected to take 2 hours, but it took a half-hour. When the EOS currency price was fully released to the high point in the early stage, it also entered the downtrend […]

Aside from prejudice, talk about Voice, which is the new sustenance of BM social dreams.

At 7:00 am on June 2, Beijing time, the first anniversary of EOS was held as scheduled. This time, the conference was called the cleanest and most neat blockchain conference in history. At the beginning of the meeting, BM simply went straight to the topic after eating a few words from the melons. In just […]

BM's "social" road

In the early morning of May 28, EOS project side B1 unlocked 9.8 million EOS, close to 10 million. When I saw this news, I was thinking about what BM intended? The market continued to expand the BTC reserve, which was not ruled out at the time. The day before yesterday finally saw the answer, […]