Articles of Brazil

A major Brazilian bank announces closure of accounts on cryptocurrency exchanges

As a large commercial bank refuses to comply with the "Prevention of Cryptocurrency Exchange Account Closure" agreement, Brazilian cryptocurrency exchanges may soon lose bank support. Throughout Latin America, crypto trading platforms have encountered difficulties maintaining bank relationships. Banco Bradesco disregards agreement to stop closing crypto exchange accounts According to Spanish cryptocurrency news agency Critonoticias, Banco […]

Brazil plans to abandon its existing payment system and launch an instant payment system based on blockchain technology

On the 29th, some media reported that due to inefficiency and high cost, the Central Bank of Brazil has decided to abandon the existing payment system (Ted and Doc), and will start a new payment system in November 2020, and the new payment system. An instant payment system developed based on blockchain technology. It is […]

The Brazilian Internal Revenue Service requires citizens to report all cryptocurrency transactions, and unreported people will face fines

According to Cointelegraph, starting on August 1, Brazilian citizens are obliged to report their cryptocurrency transactions to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). (Source: Pixabay ) Brazilian entities must report all encrypted transactions Transactions involving cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin must be reported to the IRS in accordance with the rules established by the 1888 Code Directive […]

Brazil completes its first real estate transaction based on blockchain technology

The transaction led by local construction giant Cyrela and startup Growth Tech uses IBM Blockchain technology. The first real estate transaction through blockchain technology has been completed in Brazil. Local construction giant Cyrela and startup Growth Tech under the Notary Ledgers project, which enables users to request and track notary services in a digital environment. […]

Brazil: Former royal family members oppose cryptocurrency regulation

According to the Brazilian Cointelegraph website reported on July 15, Luiz Philippe de Orleans-Braganza, a descendant of the former royal family of Brazil, has already made statements in the country against cryptocurrency regulation. Orleans – Braganza is also the federal representative of the Brazilian National Assembly, who spoke at a special committee meeting in which […]

Inflation rate soared to the highest in four years, Brazilian bitcoin trading volume continues to rise

The same is true of Argentina. According to the weekly BTC weekly report released by the Odaily Planet Daily, the Brazilian currency BRL has been increasing in the French currency against bitcoin transactions in the past three weeks. Current data shows that it accounts for 14.38% of Bitcoin transactions in French currency. According to Cointrademonitor, […]

Inflation triggered cryptocurrency fever, and Brazil became the biggest "golden owner" of BTC capital inflows.

The data shows that as the inflation rate of Brazil, the ninth largest economy in the world, continues to rise, more and more Brazilians are investing in the embrace of Bitcoin . Image source: Brazil's inflation rate reached 4.5% Since the inauguration of the current Brazilian President Jair Messias Bolsonaro on January 1, 2019, Brazil's […]

Behind the surge in Brazilian bitcoin trading volume

As the largest economy in Latin America, Brazil is also one of the main participating regions of the cryptocurrency market. According to a report by the country's analysis platform "Cointrader Monitor", Brazilian bitcoin transactions reached a new record of close to 100,000 BTC. The increase in bitcoin trading volume on April 10 is directly related […]

Brazil trades record 100,000 bitcoins within 24 hours

Brazil trades more than 100,000 bitcoins within 24 hours The struggle between Brazil and Argentina for the dominance of the Latin American bitcoin market has reached a new level. Cointrader Monitor is a monitoring tool for analyzing the price movements of Brazilian bitcoin, announcing the Brazilian cryptocurrency exchange on April 10, 2019. Trading over 100,000 […]