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Is CSW still important for Nakamoto?

According to Bloomberg News on June 28, this Friday, the main supporter of Bitcoin SV, known as "Ao Ben Cong" Craig Wright (CSW) said in the federal court in Florida that he could not easily access the value of 10 billion yuan belonging to Nakamoto. The bitcoin wealth of the dollar does not even provide […]

Ao Bencong went to the United States and Kleiman to file a lawsuit: Nakamoto Satoshi is about to be revealed?

True and false, in the past eleven years, Nakamoto’s identity case has always been a hot topic. This Friday, Oban will be welcoming his battle for fate. Block Rhythm BlockBeats news, Craig Wright, the man who claims to be the creator of Bitcoin, will travel to the courts in Florida, USA today, waiting for him […]

BSV and Ao Bencong’s behind the scenes, a pre-death carnival

Recently, as the price of bitcoin climbed, many mainstream currencies have risen quite well. This has caused many investors to regain their confidence in speculative currency, and the BSV with the most obvious increase and the highest topic has risen in May. Reached 253%. When it comes to BSV, the first thing that comes to […]

Kleiman sues "Ao Ben Cong" case for new progress: Aoben Cong may need to submit a bitcoin mining list this month

In February 2018, Craig Wright, who called himself "Zhong Ben Cong", was sued by Dave Kleiman's brother Ira Kleiman for stealing about $5 billion in bitcoin from business partners. (The deceased Dave Kleiman is a partner of Ao Bencong. It is rumored that the two had shared the pseudonym "Zhong Ben Cong". After the death […]

BSV behind the scenes gold: from the billionaire gambling rich, wanted to the "Ao Ben Cong" creator

"BSV is the real bitcoin, and Omoto is Sakamoto." Because of the skyrocketing currency price, the eyes of the cryptocurrency market have returned to BSV and Aoben Cong. While ridiculing and admiring, it should be noted that Ao Bencong is only a certain degree in front of the stage, and the real big boss behind […]

BSV is 90%, and Aomoto is proved to be Nakamoto. The rumor is really an individual

Bitcoin SV (BSV) has exploded. Yesterday, a screenshot of a disguised currency cow newsletter appeared on Weibo and the various WeChat communities. The false news claimed that Craig Wright had transferred 50,000 bitcoins (BTC) from the so-called Nakamoto Satoshi to the currency security, which proved that he was Nakamoto. BSV continued to skyrocket, from yesterday's […]

The joint petition deletes the signature of the copyright document, and who has become the eye of Ou Bencong

May 22, 2019. On the website, a netizen named Karyn Temple launched a petition called Remove Faketoshi. The topic of this topic is to ask the name of Oban to be removed from any Bitcoin-related copyright documents. More than 700 netizens signed the petition. On October 31, 2008, the Bitcoin white paper was published […]

BSV is off the shelf, is Zhao Changpeng’s dictatorship still reluctantly?

A war of words of "true and false Nakamoto" continued to ferment.   1. Ao Bencong’s “reluctance” Ao Bencong, a name with a little joke, is the general perception of Dr Craig S Wright (hereafter referred to as CSW ) by many people in the industry. Since 2016 , CSW has been promoting itself as […]