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BCH and BSV are halved, and the hash rate drops significantly

Source: LongHash At 12:19 (UTC) on April 8th, the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) block reward was halved for the first time. According to the code written in the blockchain, when the block height reaches 630,000, the miner reward will be reduced from 12.5 BCH to 6.25 BCH per block. Subsequently, the miners quickly abandoned the network. […]

It is only 32 days from the halving of BTC. BCH and BSV have completed the halving in succession. Does the reduction in production affect the geometry?

Planning and finishing: Vivian Publisher: Vernacular Blockchain (ID: hellobtc) In this issue of "Vernacular Sayings", we welcome the frontal confrontation between the two camps of BCH and BSV that let guests host Cindy's "live and see" directly. Around the current hotspots in the blockchain field, Qiu Shaoxian Wang Hongli, the person in charge of BCH.Club, […]

Another halving night has passed, is the reason for this pull?

The BSV has also been halved quietly . Even in the belief group within BSV, the gang members also questioned: Why? At present, BSV has halved from around 260 knives in the previous period and dropped to around 200 knives. From the historical high of 455 on January 15 this year, the price has shrunk […]

BSV production cuts, computing power struggles to change

Text: Kyle Source: Honeycomb Finance At 8:48 am on April 10, the BSV (Bitcoin Satoshi Vision) network ushered in the first block reward halving, and the miner burst block reward was adjusted from 12.5 BSV to 6.25 BSV. Two days ago, BSV's "old rival" BCH took the lead in completing the halving of production. After […]

BCH, BSV double currency halved, the subsequent impact on BTC geometry?

Text: Huang Xuejiao Publisher: Odaily Planet Daily At 20:19 on April 8th, Beijing time, the BCH block with a height of 630,000 was excavated by the Antpool mining pool. The block reward changed from the original 12.5 BCH to 6.25 BCH, announcing the completion of the BCH production reduction. The current hash rate of the […]

What is the impact of halving BCH, BSV, and BTC?

1. The birth of BTC, BCH and BSV In 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto published a white paper "Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System", stating his new vision for electronic money-Bitcoin is here. The white paper builds a decentralized electronic cash system based on P2P network transmission. Through this system, we can realize global instant electronic cash […]

The latest report of CoinMetrics: after halving BCH and BSV, miners will distribute more computing power to BTC in a short time

BCH and BSV will be halved on April 8 and April 9, respectively, which arouses the curiosity of many traders. Many people are speculating about how their halving will affect the price of Bitcoin. Recently, crypto strategist Tone Vays stated that BSV is completely irrelevant and will not have any impact on Bitcoin. After halving […]

A quick glance at Bitcoin's bloody grandson BSV and the man behind him

Was arrested for false evidence? Auburn's farce is added

Yesterday, the controversial figure Craig Wright (Oban Satoshi) ushered in new progress. Unsurprisingly, Craig Wright still did not get the bitcoin belonging to Satoshi Nakamoto. reason. Auben Satoshi rewrites story: Bonded Courier is also a lawyer, so privileged It is reported that Craig Wright applied for the client's confidentiality privilege for 11,000 documents of more […]

Bitcoin difficulty adjustment and soaring BSV prices

Source / LongHash The continuous increase of Bitcoin's computing power has been a hot topic in the community recently. LongHash also recently published an article discussing the impact of the continuously increasing computing power on the price of Bitcoin and its future, especially after Bitcoin halved this year. Miners have a significant impact. First, let's […]