Articles of Bubble

Observation | Blockchain concept stocks have now achieved speculative bubble-related business revenue of only 10%

Source: Finance and Economics · Chain Finance Author: Chen At the end of 2019, with a series of favorable policies, the concept of blockchain began to be hot. Many A-share listed companies have begun to announce their blockchain layout. According to public data, within a few days, Oriental Fortune's blockchain concept stock has surged from […]

SheKnows End of Year Debate | Talking about Bubble Discoloration? Layout of blockchain, capital will never sleep!

Since the "10.24 speech", the entire industry has set off a wave of blockchain applications. At the cusp of the times, opportunities and challenges coexist. How do entrepreneurial rookies make a strong entry in the market with giants and develop in dislocation? The capital market bubble is rising, how do investors lay out? The public […]

Comparative Analysis of Internet Bubble and Encrypted Asset Bubble

Almost all markets experience bubbles at some point, but not all bubbles are the same, and some of them are often more concerned with events, speculations, or potential impacts on the global economy. At some stage of the company's development, the price of its stock has fallen sharply: GOPRO (GoPro): -95%, FIT (FitBit): -92%; LC […]

The digital currency in the eyes of economists – price articles: ups and downs in the bubble

[Editor's note] Faced with the new challenges of digital currency, economists are divided into two categories, one is scornful, and it is not worth mentioning that digital currency is a speculative bubble; the other is cautiously accepted and begins cutting-edge exploration. As the digital currency grows, more and more economists join the second camp. For […]