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Buffett's "cutting meat" sells aviation stocks, my analysis of the future investment market

Recently, the stablecoin USDT has been issued again, as well as USDC, PAX and HUSD. Some people think that according to the usual experience, when the additional USDT is issued, it indicates that the price of bitcoin will rise sharply in the next period of time. Not to mention whether this phenomenon is an inevitable […]

What does the world's richest man think of cryptocurrencies and blockchain?

Source: cointelegraph Compilation: Shallot Blockchain Over the past decade, blockchain, Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies have upended everything that the rich have come to know, including banks, hedge funds, law enforcement, healthcare and real estate. Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies will revolutionize many industries, and this is just the beginning. As we all know, blockchain technology […]

How is the value logic of Bitcoin different from Buffett's stock logic?

After having dinner with the founder of a blockchain project, Buffett re-published his views on Bitcoin the day before yesterday: "I would rather buy land than bitcoin." This sentence is obviously not optimistic about Bitcoin, but this is different from Buffett's previous point of view. Previously, Buffett described Bitcoin like this: "Bitcoin is a gambling […]

If Buffett wanted to buy Bitcoin, what would he buy?

Author: 0x22 Source: BlockBeats Editor's note: This article has been deleted without changing the original intention of the author. Buffett will buy Bitcoin? Doesn't Buffett call Bitcoin the square of rat pills? I believe many readers are full of doubts after seeing the title. In fact, what BlockBeats wants to discuss in this article is […]

Although Buffett doesn't like Bitcoin, he is no different from Bitcoin believers.

Source: Shallot Blockchain Warren Buffett-one of the greatest investors of all time. For more than half a century, his success in traditional financial markets has enabled him to accumulate a wealth of wealth. Today, Warren Buffett's personal assets have exceeded $ 85 billion. As we all know, Warren Buffett supports a value-oriented investment philosophy. Benjamin […]

Despising Bitcoin and gold, where is Buffett wrong?

Editor's note: As the heavyweight KOL of the financial world, Buffett is undoubtedly the biggest "black powder" of Bitcoin. Since the first announcement in 2013, negative attitudes have never changed. At the shareholders meeting in May this year, Buffett said: "This is a gambling tool, there are many frauds. Bitcoin itself does not produce value, […]

For Sun Yuchen to calculate the account: 31 million and Buffett to eat or lose, who is paying

Today, the currency circle, oh no, the entire financial circle has been swiped by a message: Sun Yuchen photographed the "Buffett Charity Lunch" with a record high price of $45,668,800. Sun Yuchen will also become the world's first 90-year enterprise to have lunch with Buffett. Family. According to the usual practice, Buffett does not impose […]

Media: Don't let "Buffett lunch" become "Buffett curse"

Buffett, one of the world's most talented investment masters, founded the Buffett Lunch, which is known for his charitable significance and the value of face-to-face communication with his masters. On June 1st, the 20th Buffett Charity Luncheon ended its auction at eBay at 10:30 Beijing time. The transaction price hit a record high of US$4.5677 […]

Video|"8"" domain name circle "Buffett" Dai Yue: not enough cognition, is to make leek

Dai Yue, the CEO of the real estate network, the domain name, is the most popular person with the 2 letter domain name in the world, and is known as the “Buffett” by the domain name circle. From the first year to the third grade of college, Dai Yue is doing small business at school, […]

Encrypting World Investors: Drawing on Buffett's Ideas How to Cross the Bulls and Bears

This article is the author's Buffett Shareholders' Meeting. The next article discusses the "match" between the encrypted world and traditional investment from the perspective of investment. The first article " Involving the Buffett Shareholders' Meeting, Encrypting World Investors Have Something to Say " At the Berkshire Shareholders' Meeting in 2019, Buffett and Munger answered nearly […]