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The impact of blockchain on China's macroeconomic future, Zhu Min answered me like this

At the third Asian Finance Forum held yesterday, Zhu Min, a well-known Chinese economist, Dean of the International Finance Institute of Tsinghua University, former vice president of the IMF, and former vice president of the People's Bank of China, gave a wonderful keynote speech to the guests. . From the perspective of macroeconomics, Zhu Min […]

The four operations of the correct investment in the encryption market: how to minimize losses to make a profit?

Source: first class warehouse Editor's Note: The original title is "The Four Operations for the Correct Investment in the Encryption Market" Abstract: The following are some of the new cryptocurrency traders can follow the practical experience to minimize losses to make a profit. Fixed investment, avoiding FOMO (missing fear) and price adjustment Invest when the […]

New Balance's latest sneakers are coming soon, plus the blockchain hidden gameplay do you know?

Author: Nan Xin Source: Planet Daily In 2018, New Balance (hereinafter referred to as "NB") returned to the basketball market, signed star player Leonard and developed the OMN1 series of signature boots. Leonard's outstanding performance also helped New Balance to quickly enter the basketball market. With the rapid growth of Leonard fans, the OMN1 series […]

Deputy Governor of the Bank of France: Encrypted assets have the potential to replace the traditional banking system, stabilizing the currency or will have a systemic impact

According to Cointelegraph's October 16 report, Denis Beau, deputy governor of the French central bank Banque de France, recently commented on the way the central bank treats cryptocurrencies. Image source: pixabay Develop appropriate cryptocurrency regulations On October 16, Beau delivered a speech at the Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum in London, discussing the role […]

If Solana succeeds, does it mean that all the shards are scams?

Author: True Satoshi The currency circle is a place to encourage innovation. Solana is an example. Its high valuation and high premium are mainly due to its proprietary stack agreement PoH (Proof of History) and its seven technological innovations. On the whole, the fundamentals are better: the underlying technology innovation, the team technical background, the […]

Telegram insists that Gram is not a security, former SEC legal counsel: this is just a struggle

Telegram today responded to the allegations of $1.7 billion in token sales in 2018 that violated US securities laws, responding that its "Gram" token was not a security. On the other hand, the company said in a document submitted to the Federal Court of Manhattan that the “purchase agreement” they signed with investors was a […]

Blockchain Industry Weekly: The total market capitalization of blockchain assets this week fell 18.89% from last week.

The report produced by the Institute of Fire currency block chain, reports Published September 29, 2019, Author: Yuan Yuming, Rui Abstract: The total market capitalization of blockchain assets this week fell by 18.89 % compared with last week , and the market value of 93 projects in the TOP100 project fell to varying degrees . […]