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Analysis: Six Sources of Excess Return of Crypto Assets

Source: intotheblock Translation: First Class (First.VIP)   Editor's note: Previously, Michael J. Mauboussin, an analyst and well-known author of Blue Mountain Asset Management, introduced traditional capital in the paper "Who is on the other side?" There are four basic sources of different Alpha values ​​(that is, excess returns on assets) in the market. On this […]

One article to understand why 2019 is the year of DeFi and 2020 is the year of DeFi

Guide: In 2019, Ethereum has brought a new open financial system, established an agreement that will become the basis of a new financial economy, and major progress has been made in decentralized financial (DeFi) agreements such as MakerDAO. In 2020, new and existing companies will develop on the basis of loan agreements, which will increase […]

China Europe Business School Gong Yue: DAO and Alliance Chain, a dispute that began with Hayek and Keynes

Text: Gong Yan, Professor, CEIBS Source: Tsinghua Financial Review Editor's note: The original title was "Gong Yue: DAO and the Alliance Chain: A Controversy Beginning with Hayek and Keynes | Internet Finance" Hayek, a determined defender of the free market, is known for his first confrontation with "macroeconomics" against Keynes in the 1930s. It was […]

Vitalik's latest thinking: what kind of subversive effect the second party payment will bring

Note: The original author is Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin. In this article, he introduced the concept and application of Quadratic Voting and Quadratic Payment . He stated that if the goal is Optimizing what people want to see, rather than purely satisfying the rich and centralized institutions, then such a mechanism will definitely be of […]

Weekly data report on BTC chain: The currency exchange strategy of the head exchange triggers the illusion of active promotion on the chain

Beijing Chain Security focuses on blockchain security and data services. The following is a weekly report on the data released last week based on the Beijing Chain Security Chain data monitoring system. In the past week (12.02-12.08), according to the data on the main chain, the total transaction volume has increased significantly compared with the […]

Introduction to Blockchain 丨 How to prevent SIM card fraud attacks?

Author: Cobo Vault security trainee In September 2019, network security company Adaptive Mobile discovered a serious vulnerability in the SIM card, Simjacker. Recently, the company released a list of countries vulnerable to Simjacker attacks, including 29 countries on five continents. On August 15, 2018, US investor Michael Terpin filed a lawsuit worth AT $ 24 […]

"Chain Shanghai South" plan announced! Hainan Free Trade Zone (Hong Kong) Blockchain Pilot Zone Releases "Six Chains"

Reporter: Mao Lei Article source: People's Network-Hainan Channel Editor's Note: Original Title "Announcement of the" Chain Shanghai South "Plan Held by Hainan in the Digital Civilization Conference 2020" Haikou, People's Network, December 4 (Reporter Mao Lei) On December 4, the conference of Digital Civilization Conference was held in Hainan Ecological Software Park. It was announced […]

The biggest "coin difficulty" after 9 • 4 is happening, or it will pave the way for the central bank's digital currency

Text | Interchain Pulse · Black Pearl "Coin difficulties" spread from first-tier cities to inland cities. On November 28, a joint inspection team formed by the Chongqing Yuzhong District Finance Office in conjunction with the District Market Supervision Bureau, the District Public Security Branch and the Petrochemical Management Committee has issued a report on Chongqing […]

European Central Bank: Central bank digital currency will be issued without efficient pan-European payment solution

The European Central Bank is considering issuing digital currencies across Europe to establish an efficient payment system. An internal document obtained by Bloomberg on Wednesday showed that the European Central Bank believes that technological innovation is rapidly changing the way retail payments are made, including reduced cash usage. The European Central Bank is currently analyzing […]

Long Baitao Recommendation | First Deputy Governor of the Bank of France: Financial Inclusion in the Digital Age-How to Change the Status Quo?

Text / Denis Beau (Note: The content of the body of this article is from a panel discussion by Mr. Denis Beau, First Deputy Governor of the Bank of France, on the Singapore Fintech Festival 2019 on November 13, 2019.) Translation / Long Baitao Reviews / Long Baitao Reviews The content of this speech is […]