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Is ETH changing from digital oil to digital currency, is this really feasible?

There is no doubt that Ethereum (ETH) is the "king" of the altcoin. The use of the Ethereum blockchain far exceeds that of other non-bitcoin cryptographic assets, and its focused expressive smart contracts have been emulated by many other projects. Bitcoin (BTC) is often referred to as "digital gold," and those who invest in ETH […]

Stable currency monthly report | USDC, DAI and other emerging stable currencies challenge USDT with DeFi scene?

For several months, Tether has been shifting the focus of USDT's issuance from OMNI (Bitcoin Network) to ERC20 (Ethereum Network). In September, Tether issued a formal transfer announcement, which means that ERC20-USDT officially replaced OMNI-USDT. Overall, in September, the total circulation of the stable currency market increased slightly, of which the USDT market share remained […]

South Korea's blockchain company Iconloop receives $8 million in financing to build digital identity authentication services

Blockchain company Iconloop has received 10 billion won (about 8 million US dollars) from seven investment companies involved in Series A financing. Image source: According to the October 10 announcement, this is the first venture investment that Iconloop has acquired since its inception in 2016. Companies such as Korea Technology Finance Corporation (KOTEC) and TS […]

Decentralized communications startup New Vector received $8.5 million in financing, intended to replace WhatsApp, etc.

London-based decentralized communications startup New Vector has raised $8.5 million to promote the adoption of Matrix, a major alternative messaging protocol. Image source: Slack's competitor Riot.IM New Vector announced on October 10 that the Matrix protocol can communicate securely through an end-to-end encrypted messaging application (such as Riot.IM), an alternative to WhatsApp, Telegram or Slack, […]

Global stock markets have collapsed, and gold has risen safely! Can Bitcoin usher in a new round of rise?

This holiday has become less calm due to the sudden collapse of the European and American stock markets. There is no sign of the global stock market crash, which makes people not a little prepared, and the level of tragic is beyond the surprise of many people. The US stock market Dow Jones index plunged […]

There is not much time left for EOS: BM has repeatedly hinted at making big things about Bitcoin. Is there really a card to be released?

Recently, last year's hot EOS storm continued, just a few days ago, a well-known DApp developer in the EOS Eco Overseas Community suddenly said: "The EOS SuperNode is almost entirely controlled by the Chinese, and he will give up the development on EOS. DApp". Then there was a screenshot of the suspected Li Xiaolai’s breach […]

Jameson Lopp opens his mind: If I am the President of the United States, I will give $1000 per person per month.

Obviously, the current US president is not a fan of Bitcoin, but his term is limited. A US president who supports encryption technology may solve regulatory problems that hinder the development of the US encryption industry. He can even take further steps, such as giving away BTC. Password punk, Bitcoin hardware company Casa Chief Technology […]