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A picture tells you what the central bank's digital currency (CBDC) can meet consumer needs

According to AMBcrypto reported on March 3, driven by technological advances and a drastic reduction in cash usage, the digital boom has swept central banks around the world, and central banks in various countries are now carefully studying and exploring use cases of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). (Image source: torange ) In the latest […]

Behind the quiet change in attitude towards the issuance of the CBDC, the United States values ​​these more!

Entering 2020, the track competition of the central bank's digital currency CBDC is gradually entering a white-hot stage. The United States, which originally said no to the central bank's digital currency issuance, recently seems to be a bit reluctant to release its own digital currency! Because in addition to the Chinese central bank ’s digital […]

Analysis of CBDC International R & D (3): Who will master the "Adamian" of CBDC?

Babbitt Note: This article is the third part of "CBDC International R & D Dynamic Analysis". Click to read the previous article in the series: Analysis of CBDC international R & D dynamics (1): Seven giants form a group, "synthetic hegemony CBDC" will be born? Analysis of CBDC's international R & D dynamics (II): Thailand […]

Babbitt Column | America First? Discrimination of the attitude of the Federal Reserve's two parties to the CBDC

The hawks and doves are a political term used to describe people or groups that deal with major political, economic, diplomatic, or military issues, and whether they are dealt with in a tough, violent, or moderate, conservative manner. They are also used to refer to the above. Problem attitude. The United States Federal Reserve System […]

Analysis of CBDC international R & D dynamics (1): Seven giants form a group, "synthetic hegemony CBDC" will be born?

Recently, while China is fighting the epidemic of the new crown virus throughout the country, we also take a look at the progress of international research and development of CBDC. At present, there are several new trends. I. Group research and development of CBDC , with the intention of creating "synthetic hegemonic CBDC " On […]

Creating a national-level payment portal, Cambodia will launch a blockchain-based digital currency

According to foreign media reports on January 31, Cambodian Central Bank Governor Chea Serey said this week that the bank will launch a "blockchain-based" digital currency before the end of this fiscal quarter. (Image source: flickr ) Serey said that the digital currency program called "Bakong" is "the national payment gateway for Cambodia", which is […]

Weighing the pros and cons, the World Economic Forum creates a CBDC policy maker toolkit

Cointelegraph reported on January 23 that the World Economic Forum (WEF) and some major central banks in the world have jointly created a CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) policy maker toolkit. (Image source: flickr ) According to a statement issued by the World Economic Forum on January 22, the toolkit is an attempt by the […]

Six major central banks such as Britain, Japan and Europe hold a group to explore fiat digital currencies, China is temporarily in a leading position

According to Babbitt on January 22, the Bank of England (BoE) has officially announced that it will explore potential use cases for the central bank's digital currency (CBDC). According to a statement released by the central bank today, the Bank of England has set up a group with the Bank of Canada, the Bank of […]

About the US folk think tank version of the DCB "digital dollar", you need to know these

A video has recently been circulated in some online communities: in a small Swiss town of Moritz, more than 60 celebrities from the cryptocurrency, regulatory and mainstream fields, such as the founder of stablecoin Gemini, a member of the US Securities and Exchange Commission, and an expert at the Swiss National Bank , Niger government […]

European Central Bank executives post: double-layer CBDC mechanism may solve financial disintermediation and crisis

Since the second half of 2019, the senior leaders of the European Central Bank have changed their past enthusiasm towards the CBDC, and frequently blown air, indicating their embrace of the CBDC. In fact, from several recent report, the quality high, to discuss issues of deep, can one say ECB (Editor's note: European Central Bank, […]