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The central bank's digital currency is ready: the wallet is undergoing internal testing, and related concept stocks have risen collectively

Text: Pizza, Ringer Source: a blockchain The epidemic may unexpectedly become the biggest promoter of the country's digital currency. At present, all countries in the world are vigorously promoting their national digital currency projects. China is no exception. In early April, the regulator pointed out that it is necessary to unswervingly advance the research and […]

Agricultural Bank of China internally tested the outflow of "Central Bank digital currency": How far is it from us in the future?

Author: Whitefish Produced by: Carbon Chain Value From the perspective of installation and use, DC / EP operation is no different from the general APP, which is very in line with residents' usage habits and completely avoids the problem of higher use thresholds for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. From the perspective of anonymity, the central […]

Babbitt Exclusive | The central bank's digital currency internal testing is in progress, the four major demands accelerate the landing of DC / EP

On the evening of April 14, an internal test photo of the central bank digital currency DC / EP wallet went crazy on the social platform. The test page shows that the digital currency wallet has DC exchange (management of directed funds), DC query (record each transaction in real time), wallet management, wallet attachment (associated […]

China DC / EP enters the test, may wish to see how the US "Digital Dollar Program" intends to do

Source: Digital Dollar Foundation Translation: Lu Jiangfei Source: Lianwen Christopher Giancarlo, former chairman of the United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), has created a non-profit organization, "Digital Dollar Foundation" to promote the idea of ​​"digital dollar" in order to "combat" China's digital RMB project. Christopher Giancarlo, former chairman of the US Commodity Futures Trading […]

Ask for a hammer! The latest DC / EP, digital dollar, and Libra status you care about are here

Source: 52CBDC Editor's Note: The original title was "Let Hammer Get Hammer!" The DC / EP, digital dollars, and Libra's latest situation you care about are all here ~》. This article has been deleted without changing the author's original intention. China's central bank digital currency DCEP has begun internal testing? The Fed is studying digital […]

ABC starts testing central bank digital currency, DCEP officially enters countdown

Author: 0x29 Source: Block Beats This should be the first big news for the blockchain industry since the crash of Bitcoin in 2020. On the evening of April 14, two screenshots circulating in the community showed that the Agricultural Bank of China is conducting internal tests on the central bank's digital currency DCEP wallet. This […]

The latest report of the European Parliament: Crypto assets are not the same as CBDC. Global stablecoins will have a far-reaching impact (full text download)

Many central banks, including the People ’s Bank of China (PBoC), Bank of Canada, Bank of England, Bank of Japan, European Central Bank, Sveriges Riksbank and Swiss National Bank, are striving to issue their own digital currencies, while China is in a leading position. A recent European Parliament report entitled " Crypto Assets: Major Developments, […]

Foreign media views | Digital RMB is ushering in a golden stage, the People's Bank of China actively promotes legal digital currency

Editor's Note: The original title was "Opinion: Digital RMB Ushers in Golden Stage, Blockchain Can Turn Crisis into Opportunity" Last week, perhaps this was the innumerable number of times. The Central Bank of China expressed its support for the issuance of the national digital currency. On April 4, at the 2020 national currency gold, silver […]

Babbitt column | The payment revolution under the epidemic: What does it bring to CBDC?

Author: clear air, Babbitt information starting with permission. In late March, with the spread of the new coronavirus in more and more countries and regions around the world, people ’s daily behaviors have changed because of the epidemic, reducing contact, keeping distance, and avoiding viral infections. This is reflected in consumer payments. Countries and regions […]

Opinion | New crown epidemic accelerates the arrival of central bank digital currency, CBDC may solve one of the biggest challenges facing the epidemic

For the central bank that is currently considering digital currency as fiat currency, this new coronary pneumonia crisis has come too quickly, and financial problems due to health concerns may accelerate the arrival of central bank digital currency. Source: Pixabay In an emergency, how to deliver cash from the government and the central bank to […]