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ECB President promotes development of central bank digital currency

Text: Ana Alexandre Compilation: Damian Editor: Rose European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde supports the European Central Bank's active participation in the development of the Central Bank's Digital Currency (CBDC) to meet the demand for faster, lower cost cross-border payments. In an interview with the French business magazine Challenges on January 8, Lagarde discussed the […]

European Central Bank President: Hopes for the development of digital currencies, will not prevent private companies from participating

ECB President Christine Lagarde said the ECB was eager to expand its role in developing central bank digital currencies, but that did not mean that private companies could not join. Lagarde told the French business magazine Challenge in an interview on Wednesday that the European Central Bank wants to play an active role in cryptocurrencies. […]

European Central Bank President Lagarde: Evaluating the Impact of Central Bank Digital Currency on European People and Economy

According to the news, the newly appointed European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde said that he was assessing the impact of the central bank's digital currency on European people and the economy. This is the first time Lagarde has attended the European Commission hearing after taking office. She made an introductory speech to the ECON […]

Central Bank: Announcement on the fraudulent use of the People's Bank to issue or promote legal digital currency

Recently, the net news said that the People's Bank of China has issued legal digital currency, and some organizations have used the name of the People's Bank to trade the relevant digital products on the digital asset trading platform with “DC/EP” or “DCEP”. The relevant information is hereby announced as follows 1. The People's Bank […]

European Central Bank: The impact of central bank digital currency on the financial system and its control

Translator: Liu Bin Director, Financial Research Office, China (Shanghai) Free Trade Zone Research Institute (Pudong Reform Institute) Collaborators: Zhaoyun De Source: Drip Technology Information

It’s crazy again! Bitcoin is worth $13,000. Why did the central bank twice mentioned digital currency R&D in half a year?

Bitcoin has recently returned to the public's view with a rising trend. On the morning of July 10, Bitcoin returned to US$13,000, a new high in two weeks; the total market value of Bitcoin was US$230.8 billion, which rose to 64.8% of the total market value of the global encryption market. This proportion has also […]