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Pledgecamp CEO: Dual Pass + Funder Protection Mechanism, Blockchain Creates New Fashion for Crowdfunding Platform 丨 Chain Node AMA

On March 15, the Fed suddenly cut interest rates sharply, lowering the Federal Reserve Fund rate to the 0-0.25% range, and at the same time starting a $ 700 billion QE, time seems to return to 2008. After the 2008 financial crisis, due to the lack of market liquidity, many entrepreneurs found it impossible to […]

Coin Indian mining pool CEO talks about the self-cultivation of Hodler in the mining circle on the eve of the halving | Chain Node AMA

In 2019, the market price is unfavorable, and the difficulty of mining continues to increase. But miners still clenched their teeth and wanted to continue to enjoy the last 12.5 BTC block rewards before halving this year. Bitcoin's entire network hashrate reached a new high. What will happen to the "life and death gamble" in […]

Bitfinex CTO: Beyond Congestion Resolution, Lightning Network Applications Broad

At the beginning of 2019, the "lightning torch" was passed on 6 continents and was ignited in 37 countries. Lightning Network ushered in its beginnings at the beginning of the year. At the end of 2019, the digital currency exchange Bitfinex announced that it supports Lightning Network's deposits and withdrawals, becoming the first mainstream exchange […]

Cobo Liu Lixin, BITHD Fruit: Open source is the development trend of hardware wallets | Chain Node AMA

Recently, in the chain node community, the topic of hardware wallets has once again been brought to the forefront, and among them the most concerned is still its security discussion. On the morning of November 19th, Cobo hardware director Liu Lixin (Cobo vault treasurer) and BITHD director Guoguo guest chain node ChainNode AMA started discussions […]

Bybit CTO Owen Zhuang: Why do more and more people choose sustainable contracts? | Chain Node AMA

“More and more users will choose the market for sustainable contracts in the future.” On the afternoon of November 14, Bybit CTO Owen Zhuang made the guest node ChainNode AMA, and he gave such an answer when answering user questions. For more than a year, each exchange seems to be starting to explore the market […]

SERO co-founder Bao Wei: How does "Dark Ethereum" ignite the anonymous coin market? | Chain Node AMA

On the afternoon of June 27th, SERO co-founder and CEO Bao Wei was the guest node node ChainNode AMA. On the occasion of SERO's upcoming exchange (June 28th), he answered all questions related to Anonym (or privacy) and SERO for ChainNode users. Speaking of the technical principles of the SERO Anonymous , he said […]

YOOSourcing Xu Jianhai: Chatting about the new block of "blockchain + global trade" | Chain node AMA

With the development of global integration, the supply chain industry has become more and more complicated . Raw materials and products are spread all over the world and flow through a number of suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, operators and service providers. In traditional procurement, due to the information asymmetry between the two parties, the two parties […]

An AMA speaks through the original chain BaaS platform Bystack | Chain node AMA

This is the most popular AMA held by ChainNode chain nodes this year. Three guests answered that nearly 200 users participated in the interaction, with more than 410 messages, the total number of questions and answers exceeded 28,000 words, and the number of 3-hour views was nearly 51,000. On the evening of May 22, Changchun […]