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Year-end inventory | A complete overview of the coolest blockchain technology in 2019

The balance in 2019 is already insufficient, and the development of blockchain technology is so fast. After this year, do you know what happened in this world? Can't remember? It ’s okay, let ’s take a moment to review them together. These objects are Bitcoin, Ethereum, cross-chain technology, privacy technology, and alliance chain (not mentioned, […]

Baidu intelligent cloud blockchain debut: What is the platform of "Tian Chain"?

On November 21st, at the Baidu Smart Cloud Techday Blockchain Product Salon, Baidu Smart Cloud team joined hands with industry players such as Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Intel, Yuxin Technology, and Firecoin. They shared their development trend on blockchain and industry. Thinking about products and technologies. The blockchain layout of Dachang has always been one […]

Extensible payment engine StarksPay: When lightning network meets STARKs

Author: Tom Brand, Uri Kolodny & Avihu Levy translation & proofreading: stormpang & A sword Source: Ethereum fans Editor's Note: The original title is "Introduction | StarksPay: When Lightning Network Meets STARKs" Long story short: StarkPay is a scalable payment engine based on STARK technology that addresses many of the shortcomings of Lightning, the Layer […]

Bitcoin Investment God: How to quickly filter out 1% of valuable tokens

Author: Hash school – Adeline Source: Hash Article words: 1800 words or so Reading time: about 3 minutes Since 2019, bitcoin prices have increased by more than 130%. Compared with Bitcoin, most of the altcoins are “not moving” and do not even rise and fall. This seems to be contrary to our previous impression that […]

The road to the Internet, the blockchain is back

Source, compilation: 31QU 50 years ago, on October 29, 1969, the world's first message was sent from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) to the Stanford Research Institute. Before the network crashed, the researchers only typed the first two digits of the word "login", so the message itself is just two letters "Lo". This […]

Libra or a stable currency that anchors a single currency, not a basket of currencies

As Facebook is increasingly questioned by its digital currency project Libra, the company said on Sunday that Libra could use cryptocurrencies based on national currencies such as the US dollar instead of the original basket of currencies. David Marcus, head of the Facebook Libra project, said at a bank seminar recently that the team's main […]

Jiang Guofei, the ant "most burning money": landing 40+ blockchain application, building value Internet

On July 30, at the ants blockchain "Double Chain Link" media meeting, Jiang Guofei, vice president of Ant Financial and director of Dharma Institute of Financial Technology, took "Technology Pratt & Whitney, Blockchain + Supply Chain Finance" Mode is shared for the title. On the one hand, ants focus on the research and development of […]

The world's first blockchain loan landed, Chengdu enterprises started with ant blockchain

On the one hand, it is difficult for small and micro enterprises to borrow from upstream and downstream, and on the other hand, the "radish chapter" incident is constantly exposed, and supply chain financial accidents frequently occur. Faced with the supply chain financial cycle that has caused headaches in the industry, Alipay has used blockchain […]

Understanding IRISnet Chain Governance: The "Self-Evolution" of Cross-Chain Service Networks

On July 2nd, IRIS Hub initiated the first proposal for a modification of the parameters on the chain – a proposal to appropriately increase the difficulty of the certifier's operational node, and then opened the vote after meeting the mortgage condition of 2000 IRIS within the one-day mortgage phase, followed by a period of time […]