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Make money! How Chainalysis secures U.S. government ten-million-dollar contract

Encrypted data analysis company Chainalysis has received a $ 10 million contract from the US government over the past five years, and nearly ten agencies and a military department have purchased products and services from the blockchain company, from tracking tools to data analysis training. According to a report from Coindesk, Chainalysis has grown to […]

Want to go to the "profit road" Blockchain analysis company Chainalysis layoffs 20%

According to Coindesk, blockchain analysis firm Chainalysis cut jobs by 20%. According to the report, Chainalysis fired 39 employees on Thursday, accounting for about 20% of its total workforce, because the startup will give priority to turning losses into profit and bringing products to market. Chainalysis Communications Director Maddie Kennedy said layoffs involved various positions […]

Secret! "FBI on the chain" How Chainalysis tracks dark network transactions

Tools like Chainalysis allow law enforcement agencies to gain insight into illegal access, not just locate bitcoin addresses, but also monitor transactions, identify crimes, and make cases easier for juries to understand. The United States is suffering from severe opioid epidemic, and since 2007, the number of deaths caused by overdosing has increased every year—in […]

"The Eye of the Government" Chainalysis: Most Bitcoin mixed currency transactions are legal transactions

Although the coin service is often considered to be related to “illegal activities”, according to the “eye of the government” Chainalysis analysis, most of the current bitcoin currency transactions are actually used for legitimate purposes. The blockchain analysis company said in a recent webinar entitled "Cryptographic Currency Types: You Should Know What Important Transactions Are […]

A paper reveals: "The Eye of the Government" and "Encryption World Perspective" Chainalysis

According to public information, the US federal government is the company's top government customer. The relationship between Chainalysis and the US government stems from the investigation of Mt Gox, the world's largest exchange, in 2014. It is 65,000 pieces. The flow of missing bitcoins. "…no one in the company is concerned about our software ethics. […]

Demystifying Chainalysis, tapping your privacy is their job

Last week, a Chainalysis (previous or current) employee made a self-assertion and conducted an AMA at r/Bitcoin, revealing sensitive information about the company's blockchain forensics capabilities. Subsequently, the informant seemed to change his mind and deleted all comments. Thankfully, all the things that happen on the Internet are traceable. These comments are still kept on […]

Japan's largest bank Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group shot! Chainalysis completed $36 million in Series B financing

According to reports, Japan's largest bank, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG), participated in an additional $6 million Series B round of cryptocurrency startup Chainalysis. Image source: Yahoo Finance Chainalysis said on Tuesday that the investment was made through MUFG Innovation Partners, the venture capital arm of MYFG. Tokyo investment company Sozo Ventures also participated in […]