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Comprehensive comparison of Chainlink, NEST, MakerDao oracles

The blockchain is called a trusted machine. The biggest core innovation of the blockchain is that decentralization solves the problem of trust. We don't need to trust and rely on third-party institutions for value transfer . Among them, smart contracts play an important role. It is a set of contracts defined in digital form, helping […]

DeFi Monthly Report | bZx incident rethinking, what do DeFi oracles, insurance, and governance do?

According to the data of Dapp Total, the total value of the 36 DeFi application lock positions has been calculated at USD 1.34 billion, of which the ETH lock position is 3.71 million, accounting for 3.37% of the total ETH supply; EOS lock position is 6.94 million, accounting for EOS total supply is 6.83%. The […]

ChainLink, the oracle connecting the two worlds

After the birth of the Internet, people have a real world and an Internet world. Today, people have a new world: the crypto world. This is a gift that the blockchain brings to people. Over the past two decades, innovators have continually merged the real world and the Internet world, and the two are integrated […]

Dry Goods | Basic Principles of Chainlink Predictor

In this article, we will briefly describe the basic principles of Chainlink technically. If you explain what Chainlink is in the shortest sentence, you can say that Chainlink is a decentralized oracle project, so in order to understand the working principle of Chainlink, we must first understand what a oracle is. Oracle Oracle in English […]

How to achieve a true decentralized oracle?

Foreword: The oracle is a very important part of the entire crypto world. However, the current decentralized oracles have not yet reached the level of security and decentralization leading public chains. The security of smart contracts that require oracle service will depend on the weakest link. If the oracle machine chooses high-quality certified node operators, […]

Sergey Nazarov, founder of Wuzhen·Chainlink: Smart Contract 3.0 is a fully integrated smart contract

On the afternoon of November 8, the “2019 World Blockchain Conference·Wuzhen” hosted by Babbitt continued. In the sub-forum “Technology changes the world: the underlying infrastructure of the blockchain”, Chainlink founder and CEO Sergey Nazarov published Connect smart contracts to any under-chain events, privacy protection calculations, and data on the chain. Sergey Nazarov said that smart […]

Chainlink's first Chinese trip ended successfully, opening a trip to South Korea today

The Chainlink team has arrived in Seoul, South Korea and will begin a series of activities in the Korean Blockchain Week. At the same time, the opening of the Korean blockchain week also indicates the successful conclusion of Chainlink's China trip. Let's review Chainlink's unforgettable China premiere. On September 16th, in the global demo block […]

Interview with Babbitt | Expanding the definition of smart contracts, how does Chainlink build the safest predictor?

Blockchain, a word full of technology, some people think it is too far away from the real world. This is because real-world events are completely isolated from the data on the blockchain. In order to close the distance between the two, Chainlink appeared. Last week, I met Chainin CEO Sergey Nazarov in Shanghai, who called […]

Google zooms in and builds a hybrid cloud blockchain application using ChainLink Oracle

On Thursday, tech giant Google Cloud developer said in a blog post that Ethereum application builders using Google software will integrate data from external sources in the blockchain using ChainLink's Oracle Smart Contract. This makes it possible to predict the use of many blockchains such as markets, futures contracts, and transaction privacy. Allen Day, a […]

Facebook Appoints Engineering Director of New Blockchain Division or Trys to Improve Social Network Data Security and Related Services

Social media giant Facebook Blockchain Division has newly appointed an engineering director, he is the former Facebook company senior engineer Evan Cheng. In early May of this year, Facebook announced the formation of a blockchain team led by David Marcus, a member of the former PayPal and cryptocurrency board of Coinbase, to study the potential […]