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Getting Started | Usage and Principles of Wallet, Public and Private Keys for Cryptographic Currency

Author | Wrong skin Produced | vernacular blockchain To determine whether a person really understands the blockchain, you can ask: "I am going to Token to you, what is your wallet address?" This touchstone can easily distinguish many people. In the blockchain world, not having your own wallet address is a bystander. To create a […]

Embracing the blockchain, can edge computing go to the center?

Since 2019, edge computing has gradually entered people's field of vision and has become a new wave of technology. Especially with the development of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, more and more computing needs will be reflected, which will be an era of computing power and network service demand expansion, while edge computing […]

How to implement private transactions on Ethereum?

This article is produced by ConsenSys by Dean Pierce (ConsenSys Diligence), Robert Drost (ConsenSys R&D), and Mason Nystrom (ConsenSys), compiled exclusively by Encrypted Valley. In this increasingly connected world, our information is increasingly categorized, replicated, shared, and sold, and maintaining a certain level of privacy becomes an important challenge. Privacy is not a binary structure, […]

Bloomberg: $10,000 is a strong resistance to Bitcoin

According to Bloomberg News, the highest value cryptocurrency bitcoin has weakened after the surge last Friday, and $10,000 will become a strong resistance for Bitcoin. According to the report, the impact of Bitcoin on China's top leaders on blockchain technology last Friday rose by $2,500, but it was never able to break through and remain […]

Blockchain technology independent innovation should adhere to "use" rather than "speculation"

Source: Economic Information “The integrated application of blockchain technology plays an important role in the new technological innovation and industrial transformation.” The current judgment on the important significance of blockchain technology has promoted the development of China's blockchain technology to usher in a new era and also for the capital market. Opened an unprecedented investment […]

Explore the Huaqiang North Bitcoin mining machine rivers and lakes: the blockchain is not good enough to "save the city".

Source: Daily Economic News , the original title "Re-exploring Huaqiang North Bitcoin Mining Machine Jianghu: The mining machine shop has replaced a batch of blockchains and did not bring "warmness"" Every reporter: Liu Ling is edited every time: Wei Guanhong The blockchain industry has also ushered in a boom, and virtual currency has also risen […]

The number of down-limit stocks exceeds the daily limit, from scrambling to “chain” to busy warning risk

Author: Xing Meng Source: Securities Daily Recently, the capital market blockchain sector was reversed. On October 28, over 100 stocks went up; on the 29th, the daily limit stocks fell to more than 20; the 30-day ups and downs were reversed, and the daily limit was less than double digits, which was not comparable to […]

Internet giant blockchain layout big PK: avoid "hard", focus on different

Securities Daily reporter: Li Bing Source: Securities Daily The blockchain is a hotspot of technology in recent years, and the Internet giants have not much to do with each other in the development of blockchains. Internet giants such as Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, and Jingdong (hereinafter referred to as BATJ) are now looking for blockchain+solutions in […]