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China files 84 patents for central bank digital currency

Source of this article: Blockchain Pencil Author: OSATO AVAN-NOMAYO | compiled by: Maya China's meticulous promotion of CBDC issuance According to reports, the Central Bank of China has applied for 84 patents for its plan to launch a digital currency electronic payment DCEP system. The number comes from a survey by the American Digital Chamber […]

"2019 Blockchain Panoramic Scan": Global Policy

Senior Analyst: Li Xueting Production: Planet Daily Odaily The blockchain has gone through 2019 in enthusiasm and noise. This "young" technology, which is still a toddler, has been trotting towards the second "decade" by its own financial attributes and crazy speculators. It has also been restored to rational investors and the followers. Regulators continue to […]

Observation | China blockchain builds a peak in global public opinion

Text | Mutual chain pulse · Yuan Shang After the “1024 Conference”, the global information demand for China's blockchain development hit a new high in the single market. According to Google Trends data, the search volume of “blockchain china” climbed from October 27th to November 2nd, surpassing the blockchain + “USA”, “Europe”, “Japan” The sum […]

Observation | Why can China lead in the blockchain innovation competition?

The United States has always been a pioneer in Internet technology and has dominated the Internet technology field, but China has established itself in the second place. Chinese companies such as Tencent, Alibaba, Weibo, Baidu, and Bytedance are competing with large US technology companies such as Google, Amazon and Facebook. With the support of Chinese […]

Summary of the US Senate Digital Monetary Supervision Hearing: Cannot circumvent Libra and cannot bypass China

The US Senate Bank, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee held a hearing on “Reviewing the regulatory framework for digital currency and blockchain” on the evening of July 30th, Beijing time, Jeremy Allaire, CEO of cryptocurrency operator Circle, University of California Mehrsa Baradaran, a professor at Irving Law School, and Rebecca M. Nelson, a Congressional trade […]

China's central bank plans to develop its own digital currency to cope with the impact of Libra

   According to the South China Morning Post reported on July 8, the Chinese central bank is developing its own digital currency to deal with Facebook's Libra, which may pose risks to China's financial system. Wang Xin, director of the People's Bank of China Research Institute, believes that “if Libra is widely used for payment, […]

Does the US ban large technology companies from issuing coins? China "can't sit still"

Whether active or passive, traditional financial institutions and technology giants are entering the digital currency field. In particular, the emergence of Facebook Libra once again subverted people's imagination of the world's monetary and financial system, digital currency has become an inevitable development trend in the future, and this trend is getting worse. On the new […]

Can Libra join forces with hundreds of consortiums to shake the sovereignty of China's legal currency?

Since June 18, Facebook released the Libra project white paper for global digital cryptocurrency, Libra has also been highly controversial. The biggest controversy is the impact of the stable currency Libra on the world of legal currency. According to the Libra white paper: “Libra's mission is to create a simple, borderless currency and financial infrastructure […]

China began to develop WeChat cryptocurrency?

The Libra project developed by Facebook has inspired Chinese cryptocurrency policy makers. If Facebook launches its own virtual currency so that users can trade on its platform, then one of China's largest digital payment operators will also Is that true? The South China Morning Post reported on Monday that the Chinese authorities first considered developing […]

Xiao Lei: To defend the renminbi, China needs to use three secret weapons.

In the past month, for the Chinese market, it was a very unusual month. The challenge that China has experienced can be said to be unprecedented. Defenders of the global market economy, the leader of the global economic rules, the United States began to completely contain China in disregard of posture. In the same period, […]