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The road to the currency security: the DEX project is on the main station, and the IEO diversion effect is only 7 days.

As a place for the digital currency to provide liquidity, the exchange is already at the top of the “coin circle” food chain. Among the many exchanges, the currency security in the head of the industry in less than two years, became a counter-attack black horse, a production-free "printing machine." According to the latest analysis […]

After the IEO was broken, IDO came.

We all know what ICO and IEO are, then IDO (initial DEX offerings)? Today, a blockchain and AI startup called Raven Protocol, a "completely decentralized" network, hopes to "make the power of AI and ML (machine language) transition from large companies like Amazon, Facebook and Google. In the hands of the community – the company […]

Resentment and upgrade! Coin An Zhao Changpeng officially sued Sequoia Capital

Along with the platform coin BNB triumphantly, the every move of the currency security has received much attention from the outside world. On May 20, CoinDesk learned from a document in the Hong Kong High Court that Champion CEO Zhao Changpeng had submitted an application to the court through his lawyer, suing Sequoia Capital for […]

Currency Ann vs. Sequoia Capital: Zhao Changpeng sued the venture capital giant, demanding compensation for reputational losses, will hold a hearing to assess the loss

Zhao Changpeng (CZ), founder and CEO of Binance, will bring a subsidiary of Sequoia Capital to court, after Sequoia Capital’s allegations against him have been rejected by the court. CZ claims that Sequoia Capital China has damaged his reputation and prevented him from raising funds with a favorable valuation for the currency, and hopes that […]

Cai Kailong: Without IEO, the currency circle should have a rebound.

We know that the currency trading was born out of IPO (IPO) and experienced ICO (first coin issue), IFO (first fork release) and IMO (mine machine-based token issue)… In order to attract more investors to embrace themselves, major trading platforms are also trying to play with new tricks. After the currency IOE restarted the ICO, […]