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Bitcoin's privacy dilemma: can it be 100% anonymous?

"Privacy is one of the biggest issues in this new electronic age" -Andy Grove Bitcoin transactions are semi-private, not anonymous, which is an important feature. However, achieving complete anonymity with Bitcoin can be a complicated matter. Transactions recorded on the blockchain are public and are associated with only one electronic address. Image source: pixabay The […]

The contract market will add another fierce will explain the currency China strategy

On the afternoon of October 29th, the coin "One Sister" He was invited to be the guest chain node live room, and once again met with the chain node community users one year later, a sister shared a lot of new directions and new actions of the currency security, and said At present, the business […]

Comments | Desperate currency circle, princes will be related to each other?

I think of an article by Messari analyzing Tezos: Tezos has doubled its market value, but its usage rate is extremely low. Still can't escape the empty block problem of the new chain. Although the price of Tezos has grown steadily over the past year, there has been no corresponding increase in activity across the […]

The World Internet Conference is coming. I found a blockchain company in Wuzhen.

From October 20th to 22nd, 2019, the 6th World Internet Conference·Internet Light Expo was held in Wuzhen. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the birth of the Internet, and it is also the 25th year of China's full access to the Internet. Therefore, the Internet Light Expo of this conference is particularly eye-catching. The […]

Samsung Payments works with RippleNet member Finablr to provide cross-border payment services to users

According to the Bitcoin Exchange Guide reported on October 6, South Korea's technology giant Samsung's mobile payment service – Samsung payment and payment platform and RippleNet member Finablr cooperation, will provide cross-border payment functions to users of its applications. ( Source: pixabay ) The payment platform Finablr announced the news on October 3rd, saying that […]

Long Baixuan: The essential reason why banks are "big but not down" is that lending creates liquidity.

From the 20th to the 22nd, in Moganshan, Deqing County, Zhejiang Province, the 10th New Moganshan Conference (2019 Autumn Forum) and the 35th Anniversary of the Moganshan Conference were held. With the theme of "Understanding and Responding to the Great Changes in a Hundred Years", this seminar has in-depth study and understanding of General Secretary […]

What is the technology of Long Wenda's summary of anonymous cryptocurrency?

The purpose of this article is to provide a brief overview of the anonymous mechanisms implemented in today's mainstream cryptocurrencies. Blockchain anonymity is a particularly difficult task because the design of the public blockchain makes all transactions transparent, and the supply of cryptocurrencies can be publicly verified. Even if there is a conflict between protecting […]

Opinion: Is it really worthwhile?

First, the coin In the world of investment in the blockchain, there is an investment method that is recognized by the vast majority of people, that is, the currency, and it is the bitcoin. The coin seems to be a politically correct thing. As long as there are novice friends who ask the blockchain industry, […]

The coin chain completes the main network upgrade, and the new version of Galileo implements four major updates.

   The blockchain chain, launched by the cryptocurrency exchange currency network, has completed the upgrade of its main network. The latest upgraded version is called Galileo-v0.6.0—announced on July 15 by Coin. According to the statement, Galileo implemented four major changes: the matching engine has been modified to "Take" and "Maker" matching logic, and the transaction […]

Executives say that several IBM organizations have studied using stable coins in World Wire.

Image source: worm Today, as many large shipping companies are working on a blockchain-based trade digital platform, more than half of the world's container shipments will be presented online. The addition of hapago – lloyd and ONE will also help drive further adoption worldwide, including expanding its presence in Asia. We interviewed Todd Scott, vice […]