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Bitcoin's Guardian Angel: Conversation with 37-year-old billionaire founder of Coinbase

At the foot of California Street in San Francisco stands a row of stately stone pillars, a 19th-century bank. Just a few steps away is Coinbase's office, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States. A large number of software engineers and young marketing executives are gathered here. There, the world of banking in accordance […]

Coinbase Chief Legal Officer: Analysis of three major regulatory directions in the cryptocurrency field in 2020

The blockchain and crypto communities ushered in legislative and regulatory attention in the new year, which was unimaginable a year ago. In a way, this is not surprising, as many people predict that after Bitcoin price fell 85% from its 2017 peak, cryptography disappeared a year ago. With the advent of Christmas 2018, remarks such […]

Coinbase Report: Read the US cryptocurrency industry

Editor's Note: The original title is "Reading the US Cryptographic Industry" Foreword: The United States is one of the fastest growing countries in blockchain technology and one of the most important in the encryption industry. From the perspective of ordinary users, to what extent does the user adoption of the US encryption industry develop? Which […]

The most influential industry star! Coinbase CEO is on the "Times of the Next Generation" list of Time magazine

On Wednesday, Time magazine published a list of TIME 100 NEXT to recognize outstanding talent in all walks of life. Brian Armstrong, founder and CEO of the well-known exchange Coinbase, became the first member of the cryptocurrency. On the website, Time magazine briefly introduced Armstrong's determination to create Coinbase and change the world with cryptocurrency: […]

The Bitcoin panic index is low, and Coinbase data says that whales are buying.

Today, fear, uncertainty and suspicion (FUD) in the bitcoin market are obvious. But this should not be the case, because such large fluctuations are nothing new and will happen again and again. However, the panic continues, as traders are worried about further losses and quickly close their positions. But what about cryptocurrency whales? Bitcoin panic […]

Coinbase: How we managed to stop an attack, billions of dollars in cryptocurrency survived

Coinbase, a cryptocurrency exchange, revealed that it has become a "complex, highly targeted, organized and planned attack" target, but it has stopped the attack. The goal of the attack was to invade the exchange's system, perhaps to steal the multi-billion dollar cryptocurrency it held. In an article on Friday, Coinbase announced the technical details of […]

Coinbase receives a large single, gray scale 2.7 billion knives encryption assets handed over to it

On Friday, Grayscale Investments and Coinbase Custody (Coinbase Managed Services) announced a partnership to securely host grayscale digital assets. Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong said that its custody department currently has $1 billion in assets, which will become a managed supplier of grayscale single assets and diversified investment products. According to the most recent quarterly report […]

To protect the security of user assets, Coinbase wants to set up an exclusive insurance company.

Too long to read version (TLDR): According to industry insiders, Coinbase is working on establishing its own "exclusive" insurance company. Earlier this year, insurance brokerage company Aon began to establish a proprietary company in the Cayman Islands to work with several cryptocurrency companies. Aon Insurance said that a proprietary self-insurance structure can help companies get […]

May 7th Twitter Featured: Switzerland's largest stock exchange launches IDO, Coinbase hosted tokens over 30

01 Today's opinion Coco, co-founder of Democracy is falling apart in Turkey, and the lira plunges. The best way for the Turkish people to store their wealth is to take the road to Venezuela – buying bitcoin. Encrypted currency enthusiast Jeff Morris Jr: As Bitcoin reached $6,000, everyone started to get excited. We want […]

Is the encryption industry really needed to value the $8 billion Coinbase Visa debit card?

Recently, Xu Mingxing forwarded Coindesk's Twitter on Twitter, saying: “What is the commission for the Coinbase visa card? Does the encryption industry really need a visa card?” Not long ago, Bitcoin Coinbase launched a special Visa debit card for the UK and some European countries. This debit card can provide cryptocurrency consumption services. In addition […]