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Interview with Chen Weigang: Banking Regulatory Commission strictly forbids banks from providing payment channels for speculation

Source: Beijing News Reporter: Zhang Yanxin With the rise of the blockchain to the national strategy, financial institutions have begun to increase their investment in the blockchain field. At the same time, supervision is also tightening. In addition to the central bank's risk warning, the Non-Joint Office of the China Banking Regulatory Commission recently reminded […]

4 days skyrocketing 9 times? Bitcoin brokers follow the trend of "smashing shoes" business

How many pairs of shoes do you have? Recently, how many pairs of shoes seem to be with you how many bitcoins, how many bank deposits, together become a symbol of wealth. After the rise of Bitcoin, the shoe market began to be given financial power in the past two years due to its strong […]

Is it enough for me to take 100 bitcoins to fry shoes?

From Wall Street, a digital currency trading team that returned to China last year revealed to the trading door that they have begun to use their accumulated professional quantitative trading technology to apply to the relevant shoe exchanges in China. The rate of return on traded funds is as high as 70% of monthly earnings. […]

In the face of the flood season, eight industries screamed for a short period of time to reveal the market prospects

On March 30th, the 2019 New Era Mining Summit, hosted by Coin Printing, was held in Chengdu. The summit focused on the upcoming “Fengshui Period”, which attracted mining distributors, miners, mines, mining pools, Cloud computing, wallets, quantification, currency lending and exchanges and many other companies. In the face of the upcoming flood season in 2019, […]