Articles of competition coins

Jimmy Song: I want to treat every kind of competitive currency as a scam.

Translator's Note: The author of this article is the bitcoin evangelist Jimmy Song. In his article, he analyzed the valuation sources of competitive coins. He believes that the success of the coin is not related to factors such as technical functions, but related to marketing. During the bitcoin bull market, successful marketing can push up […]

Coinbase opens "crazy coin mode", 17 new coins such as polkadot and filecoin are included in the list

On September 20th, Coinbase, the US cryptocurrency exchange, announced that it would consider 17 new cryptocurrency assets. According to a bulletin released by Coinbase, the exchange is exploring the addition of 17 projects such as avalanche, celo, chia, coda, dfinity, filecoin, handshake, kadena, mobilecoin, NEAR, nervos, oasis, orchid, polkadot, solana, spacemesh and telegram. . It […]

Hat analysts wearing XRP "mainstream coin speculation" also cautiously viewed it

In the past two or three days, the XRP news has been noisy. Although it has recovered some of the declines, it still cannot escape the worst performing mainstream currency this year. On weekends when currencies are not strong, XRP's recovery of some of the declines led the market. In the past two or three […]

Comment: Bitcoin market leading rate will reach 80%, the era of altcoin and hard fork coins has ended

Bitcoin advocate Max Keizer predicts that the highest value cryptocurrency bitcoin will continue to consolidate its market advantage, while the era of altcoin and hard fork will end. Max Keizer released Twitter that the dominant position of Bitcoin will be further increased to 80%, and the altcoin is dying from the market. He further urged […]

Behind the competition currency market flash collapse 25%, the bitcoin bull market is crazy bloodsucking

From yesterday to today, the competitive currency market experienced two flash collapses. For example, in the case of eos, it fell to a minimum of $4.3 in 24 hours, which was more than 25% lower than yesterday's high of $5.85. Then the market was awkward and sounding. Then questioned: "Is the bull market still there?" […]

If this theory is established, BTC must not only absorb the blood of the competition coins, but also their lives.

In 2019, the encryption market continued to rebound, and many people exclaimed that the bull market came, but the facts seem to prove that only the bitcoin bull market came. Bitcoin rose, sucking mainstream currencies; bitcoin fell, and mainstream currencies were even more fierce. The BTC hit a high of $13,150 a week ago, and […]

If Bitcoin can achieve all the plans, is it necessary for most of the competition coins to exist?

Foreword: There are many different concepts in the field of cryptocurrencies. Some people only recognize bitcoin, some don't recognize bitcoin, and others recognize other cryptocurrencies. This presents a diverse perspective. The author of this article recognizes Bitcoin and believes that most cryptocurrencies do not exhibit the characteristics they deserve. Of course, this only represents the […]