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Fidelity-invested crypto company Fireblocks officially integrates Compound, allowing institutional customers to earn DeFi interest

Editor's Note: This article has been deleted without altering the author's original intention. Fireblocks, a crypto security company invested by global asset management giant Fidelity, has integrated the DeFi platform Compound to allow its customers to earn interest through Compound's lending agreement. In June 2019, Fireblocks raised $ 16 million in Series A funding from […]

MakerDAO Risk Leader: ProgPoW may put DeFi at risk, Maker may need to stand as soon as possible

Source: Twitter Compilation: block rhythm MakerDAO head of risk Cyrus Younessi tweeted yesterday that if Ethereum uses the ProgPoW algorithm, the DeFi protocol will be put at risk. Cyrus Younessi said that if you are concerned about mortgage-based DeFi systems, such as Maker / Dai, Compound, dYdX, etc., please consider your attitude towards ProgPoW. I […]

DeFi Monthly Report | bZx incident rethinking, what do DeFi oracles, insurance, and governance do?

According to the data of Dapp Total, the total value of the 36 DeFi application lock positions has been calculated at USD 1.34 billion, of which the ETH lock position is 3.71 million, accounting for 3.37% of the total ETH supply; EOS lock position is 6.94 million, accounting for EOS total supply is 6.83%. The […]

"True Incense Law" is inevitable, Compound, the DeFi agreement, announced the issuance of governance token COMP to achieve a decentralized governance process

Open finance, or Decentralized Finance (DeFi) startup Compound, announced a new plan to decentralize the governance process of its unmanaged loan agreements. As detailed in a blog post published Wednesday, Compound will issue a governance token, COMP, that allows holders to "suggest, debate, and implement changes to the Compound protocol-without having to rely on or […]

Maker multi-collateral Dai migration is coming to an end, and DeFi financial competition will become the main battlefield in the future?

In the latest DeFi Industry Report 2019 published by DAppTotal, it focused on a comprehensive review of MakerDAO's data performance over the past year. From the report, we can see that in the past year, MakerDAO has firmly occupied the leading position in the DeFi lending platform, but it is still far from being at […]

Opinion: Who is DeFi's second turn?

Author: Jorge S Source: Toku View Editor's Note: The original title was "Who's the Second DeFi? 》 When calculating the ranking of DeFi projects according to the size of the lock-up volume, MakerDAO topped the list with a total amount of 380 million lock-ups, although its overwhelming dominance is slowly growing as new projects continue […]

Messari founder's latest report: Is there still hope for DeFi in 2020?

Author: Messari founder Ryan Selkis translation: block rhythm BlockBeats-0x60 Original: https: // BlockBeats has been tracking decentralized financial (DeFi) projects since 2019, and has recognized its future development direction and application areas. In 2019, we have seen that MakerDAO, InstanDapp, Synthetix, Compound and other projects have achieved unknown success in the field of science popularization […]

Ethereum's DETH: 2020 may be a particularly crazy year

Editor's Note: Original title was "DETH on Ethereum" Foreword: DETH in this article is not a single English word, but an abbreviation of Derivative ETH, which represents the most basic form of equity ETH derivatives. Haseeb and Tarun have previously suggested that the security of the PoS chain may be weakened as the returns from […]

Risk of Compound being overlooked: insufficient liquidity and bank runs

Author: Bogdan Gheorghe, Momo Araki, Everett Muzzy Compilation: Share Finance Neo Summary: Looking back at Compound's history of liquidity risks and what it means for the future of DeFi? Introduction The open finance (also known as decentralized finance or DeFi) platform running on the Ethereum blockchain has attracted the attention of blockchain enthusiasts and institutional […]

Be careful, DeFi has the potential to erode the security of the PoS blockchain

Written by: Haseeb Qureshi, Partner, Dragonfly Capital, Blockchain Investment Agency Compile: Zhan Juan Peeling off cocoons is a step-by-step explanation of why competitive lending markets have a significant impact on PoS security. On-chain lending has become the most popular decentralized financial (DeFi) application today. Lending markets such as MakerDAO, Compound, dYdX and Nuo Network have […]