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LikeCoin wait 21 days to cancel the delegation? Talk about Cosmos's proof of bound equity BPoS

Author: Terence @Forbole Since LikeCoin joined the Cosmos ecosystem, many Chinese users have come into contact with various novelties in Cosmos. For them, some original ethereal blockchain knowledge began to directly affect themselves. Recently, I noticed that a friend found that it takes 21 days for LikeCoin to cancel the commission and get the money […]

Analyze the consensus mechanism from an economic perspective: PoW is a diesel car and PoS is an electric car

Translator's Note: The original author Eric Wall likens PoS to electric vehicles. He believes that PoS does have some advantages from an economic point of view, but he still believes that Proof-of- Work ( PoW ) is the best way for us to obtain a safety chain A robust approach is also the most reliable […]

Five major problems read through the PoA consensus algorithm

This article will answer the following questions: What is a Proof of Authority (PoA)? How does it work? What are the pros and cons? Which blockchains use PoA? What is PoA compared to PoW and PoS? Since the advent of Bitcoin in 2009, the field of cryptocurrency has undergone tremendous changes. In addition to the […]

Research on Consensus Mechanism | Seeing Knowledge, Insights, and Enlightenment

Seeing the knowledge, understanding and understanding, the retrospect and prospect of the encryption economy – the consensus mechanism Table 1 Consensus System Classification Source: Yuan Yong, Ni Xiaochun, Zeng Shuai, Wang Feiyue, “Development Status and Prospects of Blockchain Consensus Algorithm” Figure 4 Evolution of consensus algorithm Source: Network data organization Foreword The consensus mechanism is […]

Read the consensus mechanism of blockchain in one article

Foreword: This article succinctly illustrates the two main processes for reaching consensus: the block proposal and the block consensus. The block proposal mainly involves the PoW and PoS mechanisms, that is, the proof of work and the mechanism of proof of equity, to resist witch attacks and safely select reliable block proponents. The consensus of […]

V God tells Serenity design principles to show you the uniqueness behind this magnificent project!

The design principle of the Eth1.0 chain is as follows: Serenity design principles ▲ Simplicity : Especially since the encryption economy PoS and quadratic sharding are inherently complex, the protocol should pursue the utmost simplicity in its decision making . This is very important because it will: (i) minimize development costs, (ii) reduce the […]

How to make the consensus faster than the original chain BBFT – a comparison between BBFT and FBFT/HotStuff

Foreword Recently, the BYTOM technical team released the Bystack blockchain BaaS platform, including the side chain consensus algorithm BBFT (Bystack Byzantine Fault Tolerance). In this article, I will explain the problems that the original chain BBFT tries to solve and analyze the main differences between BBFT and other consensus agreements. BBFT is a variant of […]

Getting started with blockchain | From the perspective of attack energy and defensive energy, who is more secure with PoW and PoS?

The security issue in the blockchain field has always been the focus of discussion. Peter believes that before designing a more secure system, we must first define the definition of security. This article is my own point of view. My academic background is electrical automation engineering, and the professional background is a programmer, so the […]

Wanchain Galaxy Consensus Exploration 05 – Economic Incentive Mechanism

In the previous interpret article, we introduced the delegation mechanism of the galaxy consensus. The design and application of the entrustment mechanism is to give a small number of equity holders a chance to participate in the consensus. It is also hoped that nodes with good performance and excellent performance can represent more. The rights […]

Brief introduction of LibraBFT algorithm

Since I am determined to expand my popularity, I have to occasionally pick up hot spots. Just before I have already told many people about Hotstuff, I also introduced BFT in the previous column, so I can just talk about LibraBFT. First of all, people who are not familiar with BFT can check out my […]