Articles of Consensus

Babbitt Column | The Essence of Blockchain: The Essence of Computation and Consensus

Blockchain essence Blockchain is a good thing for everyone to pay attention to, but it is very unwilling to see all kinds of blockchain projects blindly launched, resulting in waste of various social resources. The blockchain technology itself is still in the development stage, and there are still many core technical issues to be broken. […]

Viewpoint | Say goodbye to traffic and funds, is there still value in digital currency?

The development of the blockchain after the capital's ebb tide is indeed returning to calm, but the story about the blockchain is no less than before. Say goodbye to the development model with capital as the main driving force, and now the development of blockchain is mostly concentrated in the scope of technology and application. […]

How to find "dead loyalty powder" in the blockchain project

Bitcoin has been in the 10 years of ups and downs, and there are still people who are not leaving. ETH has fallen 80%. There are still many technical followers and BSVs. Even if they are criticized, there are still many hardcore fans… These stories sound very moving, and many project parties hope that they […]

Nakamoto's mistakes have made Bitcoin more central. Do you understand these questions?

The "Analysis of Common Problems in Blockchain" series covers a wide range of common problems in the field of blockchain. These common problems will basically plague every blockchain developer. The basic content includes the following aspects: Blockchain technical limitations, data redundancy, security, mining, weaknesses in various consensus agreements, transaction speed, security issues, 51% attack issues, […]

The Consensus Art of Blockchain: The Core Value of Money is Currency Consensus

A few days ago, the World Wide Web posted a blog post on Weibo, as shown in the following figure: The Taiwanese media feared that the world’s richest man, Guo Taiming, asked his wife, who is 24 years younger than himself, and Guo Taiming responded: “I saw the truth, goodness and beauty in Zeng Xinying’s […]

Staking Economy (Series 6) predicts the challenges of future Staking economy and community ecology under the PoS consensus

A good system can take the country in the long run. A good certificate design can bring a blockchain project to a more complete and long-term. Although the PoS consensus is considered by many to be the next consensus trend, there are still some problems. For example, the initial token allocation of the project is […]