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EY and ConsenSys announce the launch of the baseline protocol to ensure the safe and efficient use of the Ethereum mainnet by enterprises

Author: ConsenSys Industry leaders share code publicly through OASIS (a standard non-profit organization), and work with 14 founding organizations to advance the development of the baseline agreement. EY and ConsenSys announce a partnership with Microsoft to launch a baseline agreement. The baseline protocol is an open source project that combines cutting-edge encryption technology, message transmission, […]

Science | ConsenSys: Privacy Technology on Ethereum

Author: Dean Pierce (ConsenSys best of tune), Robert Drost (ConsenSys R & D), and Mason Nystrom (ConsenSys) Translation & Proofreading: Zeng Wei & A Jian Source: Ethereum fans Editor's Note: The original title is "Popular Science | Privacy Protection Technology on Ethereum" In this increasingly connected world, the frequency with which our information is recorded, […]

ConsenSys Announces Decentralized Financial Project "Codefi" to Promote Ethereum Enterprise Adoption

According to Coindesk's September 15 report, Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin is working hard to develop a decentralized financial (DeFi) application. Image source: visualhunt On September 15th, at a press conference at the Ethereal Tel Aviv summit in Tel Aviv, Rubin said: “Ethereum is a shared execution space, and we should also build synergies.” To achieve […]

ConsenSys proposes Ethereum sidechain solutions to improve interoperability between public and private blockchains

According to Trustnodes, ConsenSys recently published a paper detailing a way to connect public and private blockchains through the new Atomic Crosschain Transaction technology. It wrote in the paper: “We propose a cross-chain technology that can automate transactions across sidechains and introduces a new mechanism for verifying transaction values ​​across sidechains. At the same time, […]