Articles of Contract Trading

WBF founder Bella Fang: no evil + long-termism, the correct position of the encrypted derivatives track 丨 chain node AMA

2019 can be said to be the first year of derivatives trading, achieving a monthly leap from billions to tens of billions. The annual derivatives exchange reached US $ 3 trillion, with an average daily value of US $ 8.5 billion. However, derivatives trading volume is only 20% of spot trading volume. However, some analysts […]

This platform is a bit stable: I have two or three things with Bybit

A sudden plunge made March 12 a day that many investors will never forget. A huge drop of 50%, and more than 20 billion yuan of wealth changed hands within a day, all of which are numbers that need to be recorded in history. After the thrilling market, I was bored, and I started to […]

Bybit CTO Owen Zhuang: Why do more and more people choose sustainable contracts? | Chain Node AMA

“More and more users will choose the market for sustainable contracts in the future.” On the afternoon of November 14, Bybit CTO Owen Zhuang made the guest node ChainNode AMA, and he gave such an answer when answering user questions. For more than a year, each exchange seems to be starting to explore the market […]

Extreme market challenges major contract exchanges, BTCC contract performance is outstanding

On Friday, Bitcoin ushered in three surges in a short period of time, with a gain of more than 20%. The currency circle has opened more than 20 transactions in contract transactions. In the case of volatile market conditions, which exchange experience is the smoothest? Which exchange rules are fair and protect the actual income […]

What do you feel after entering the blockchain?

Author | Lesley Produced | vernacular blockchain Bitcoin has been in existence for more than a decade. No matter which year you came into contact with it or you learned about the blockchain industry, you should have some feelings and understandings. Today, let's talk about some personal feelings after entering the market. 01 The industry […]

The turnover of Bakkt hit a new high on the day of the 1023 plunge, and the netizens wondered why the organization always went short.

According to The Block's data, the bitcoin monthly futures trading volume of the physical exchange of Bakkt on the cryptocurrency derivatives exchange has achieved a substantial increase. On Wednesday, the volume reached $4.81 million, which is more than the sum of the first nine trading days. The sharp increase in trading volume may be due […]

After the suffering of the 9/25 tragedy, the 10·23 plunge and how many wealth dreams

If the first half of 2019 is a long-term cheer, empty headaches, then the second half is undoubtedly the carnival of the shorts. On September 25th, Bitcoin fell nearly 20%, and only OKEx and BitMEX had billions of dollars in open positions. After the plunge, the bear market seems to be getting heavier and heavier, […]

Who can take the lead in breaking the exchange contract?

Mark Lamb, CEO of CoinFLEX, predicts that by the end of 2020, the derivatives market will reach 20 times the size of the underlying spot market in a series of recently launched exchange products. As the most important existence in the derivatives market, the contract business has become a battleground for the exchange. Influx of […]

What is the loss of his position? 1000 BTC, OK started the contract trading battle chain node AMA

Encrypted exchanges are considered to be the top of the industry's food chain. Cruel competition has prompted exchanges to resort to new initiatives and means, and the derivatives market has become a big hit, and competition for stock users has always been an important battleground. In August, the user battle began again. The Firecoin contract […]