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Babbitt column | Why advise ordinary people not to make contracts?

Editor's Note: The original title was "Why do you advise you not to make contracts?" 》 Recently, the digital currency market has fluctuated violently. Yesterday, I heard a friend in the group say that he was making a contract and broke his position. Some emotions, so I decided to write an article about the contract. […]

Contract exchange seeks compliance: as low as 1,500 knives for high NFA licenses

Editor's Note: This article has been deleted without changing the author's original intention. The number of contract trading platforms is growing rapidly. Recently, the futures contract business section of the existing trading platforms has been launched one after another, and the number of emerging contract trading platforms has also increased rapidly. In the current market, […]

Regulatory throat, BitMex distress: Can the "king of leverage" survive the crisis?

文|武旭升 Edit|嚯嚯 On August 1, Arthur Hayes, the BitMEX CEO who was suspected to have lost contact for several weeks due to the CFTC investigation, suddenly "appeared." On the personal tweet, a self-portrait in the jungle was released, and the article was called "See you in September." Hayes's tweet did not mention any information about […]

Playing a contract is like gambling. Once you are addicted, you can’t stop.

Yesterday saw the news: Biti founder Hui Yi committed suicide on June 5, and committed suicide on June 5. If things are true, then it is really another tragedy of the currency. Hui Hui is recognized as the god of speculative operation. "I opened a 10-fold leveraged empty order of 10 bitcoins in the 5 […]