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Babbitt Column | Why is the streaming industry the best application scenario for blockchain technology?

The recent on-demand events provided by iQiyi and Tencent Video for Qing Yu Nian have once again attracted market attention to the streaming media industry. Some essential flaws in this industry are once again exposed. Such defects are not only in one region, but are common in this industry worldwide. Such problems cannot be solved […]

Alibaba releases 2019 annual report on counterfeiting: assisting 439 districts and counties to introduce counterfeiting

Source: Sina Finance On January 3, upstream news reporters learned from the National Public Security Grand V Summit that e-commerce giant Alibaba released the "Alibaba Intellectual Property Protection Annual Report 2019". In 2019, Ali opened to the whole society and represented the intellectual property protection technology brain. Core technology, together with Ali, the district and […]

Under the blockchain blessing, your copyright is yours

The era of digital economy is an era of science and technology, and it is an era of copyright exposure. In April of this year, the dispute over copyright rights caused by the black hole and the national flag of China was revealed by the public, which caused public concern about the “copy of copyright”. […]

Is it difficult to verify the copyright of the picture? Expert: Application of blockchain technology traceability

Recently, the picture platform China was caught in the copyright "black hole" by marking the "human first black hole photo", and the event triggered a series of disputes about the copyright of the picture. On April 13th, during the Lingnan Intellectual Property Litigation Conference in 2019, relevant experts accepted an interview with the New Express […]

Xia Kedao talks about visual China: This is a blockchain technology that takes only a few minutes and costs a few bucks.

Visual Chinese fire. The cause of the incident is clear to everyone: Some netizens found that the black hole photo of the previous fire was marked on the visual China website as "this figure is for commercial use, please call or consult the customer representative" . In fact, the data on the websites of scientific […]