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The investment trend of the currency circle in 2020: the degrading process of the public chain

Summary of this article 1. Tezos status and problems 2. Cosmos status and problems 3. Ethereum status and advantages 4. Public chain degrading process Tezos status and issues The Tezos 007 agreement will be proposed this summer and activated in the fall. The contents of the agreement include: integration of Sapling's privacy transaction function, state-baked […]

LikeCoin wait 21 days to cancel the delegation? Talk about Cosmos's proof of bound equity BPoS

Author: Terence @Forbole Since LikeCoin joined the Cosmos ecosystem, many Chinese users have come into contact with various novelties in Cosmos. For them, some original ethereal blockchain knowledge began to directly affect themselves. Recently, I noticed that a friend found that it takes 21 days for LikeCoin to cancel the commission and get the money […]

Analysis of the main organizations in the Cosmos ecosystem: Agoric, Regen, Lunie, and Chorus One

Author: interchain Foundation Translation: SHOU Source: Satoshi Shinmoto Editor's note: Originally titled "Main Organizations in the Cosmos Ecosystem"   The ICF funds various organizations in the Cosmos ecosystem to help realize its vision. Although All in Bits is the top pillar of Cosmos, the largest recipient of funds, many entities have assumed important leadership roles […]

Cosmos's first and second leaders have resigned successively: internal conflicts have intensified, leaving is the best solution

Source: Decrypt Author: Adriana Hamacher Compilation: Odaily Planet Daily Wang Ye The core teams of many blockchain companies seem to be in an "unstable" state. Following the departure of Cosmos founder Jae Kwon, Cosmos Second Leader and Core Developer Zaki Manian announced that he has resigned from all development and directorships at Cosmos last week, […]

Babbitt Column | Scientific Research Expenditure Model and Coin Development Fund Optimization Plan

"Every time Amaury enters my field of view, I want money …" A big BCH currency holder complained to me on WeChat this time about the announcement of BCH developers on the recent (February 15, 2020, published on ) Published mining for mining to raise funds for the establishment and development of BCH foundation. […]

In-depth interpretation of the power struggle within the Cosmos team

What I think of is a folk expert's evaluation of the public chain founders: "Blockchain requires a founding developer with talent in computer theory and engineering development capabilities. Satoshi Nakamoto is the best. BCNXT Secondly, Gavin Wood and Jed are also available. Vitalik has a high theoretical talent, and large-scale development capabilities require training Class. […]

The founder runs away, Cosmos strife

Text: 嚯 嚯 Source: Hive Finance "It is never the enemy who defeats the entrepreneur, but himself." On February 4th, the internal cross-chain project Cosmos split. The founder Jae left the team. Another core member Zaki accused Jae of leaving a large number of outstanding engineers due to the uneven distribution of development resources, which […]

The true story behind the departure of Cosmos CEO

Source: BlockBeats Author: 0x66 The epidemic is fierce, and the turbulent disease dynamics obviously overwhelmed a blockbuster news that happened in the crypto industry in the past few days: before the cross-chain star Cosmos development company Tendermint ushered in the founder's "prosperity", . According to the original plan, Jae Kwon originally only wanted to quietly […]

ATOM drops 9% in two days, or may be affected by the departure of Cosmos founder Rashomon

On February 3 and 4, the price of the ATOM token of the well-known cross-chain project Cosmos plummeted by 9%. Judging from the news, at the same time, rumors of a new stove by the project's founders were raging. On January 29th, a Twitter netizen stated that Jas Kwon, CEO of Cosmos, was about to […]

Cosmos director broke: Jae Kwon stepped down as CEO to avoid responsibility

Written by: Beep News Has Jae Kwon become a "single point of failure" in the team? Early this morning, Zaki Manian, director of the Tendermint (Cosmos) project, a blockchain application framework, tweeted that Jae Kwon's resignation as CEO of Cosmos was not essentially decentralization, but a very obvious escape from the responsibility of the Cosmos […]