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Research | Blockchain technology is expected to restructure the international payment model

This article Source: Kat communication, author: Guosheng block chain Research Institute, the original title "enlightenment books distributed to the international payment system." Summary The distributed ledger technology represented by Ripple brings new flexibility and inspiration to international payments. Different from the multi-intermediary participation model of traditional payment systems, distributed ledger technology (DLT) has the characteristics […]

Observation | How did Ripple's performance with the payment giant MoneyGram 8 months after its alliance?

introduction The blockchain project Ripple has remained highly active in recent years. Recently, the market has disputed that its partner MoneyGram received a $ 11.3 million fee from Ripple. The media has strongly questioned the success of Ripple's partnership with MoneyGram, speculating that Ripple must actually pay for MoneyGram's use of its software. In response, […]

Ripple partners with Nasdaq-listed company to support US-Mexico cross-border payments

Source: Cointelegraph Chinese Author: Helen Partz Compile: Lay Ripple, the company behind XRP, the world's third largest cryptocurrency, has established a new partnership to support cross-border payments between the United States and Mexico. Ripple announced on February 5 that it has partnered with International Currency Express, a currency remittance service company focused on the Latin […]

Research Report | International Exchange Blockchain Application Survey

Overview Since the advent of Bitcoin, there have been many alternative cryptocurrencies and blockchain solutions on the market. The blockchain technology has undergone major evolutionary steps, and also paved the way for more global interconnection solutions in the coming years. This article will start from the original design of the blockchain-international exchange, and try to […]

Ant Blockchain Darkness Chen Cang Has Initially Constructed a Global Network for Cross-Border Payments

Text | Interchain Pulse · Yuan Shang On December 19, Alibaba announced a new round of future-oriented upgrades, focusing on the three major strategies of globalization, domestic demand, big data and cloud computing. On the same day, Jingxian Dong, Chairman of Ant Financial Group, ceased to serve as the CEO of Ant Financial. He founded […]

Successfully paid $ 100,000 in 2 minutes, the cross-border financial blockchain service platform completed its first show in Xiamen

Source of this article:, the original title "It only takes two minutes! Cross-border financial blockchain service platform completes new business debut in Xiamen》 Author: Xiamen Daily reporter Chen Gang Chen Dongjie mud correspondent Wu Li Qian [Comparison of two modes of tax filing for external payments] Three major disadvantages of traditional manual processing mode […]

The central bank, the SAFE, and the banking associations led the banking blockchain alliance, and the troika attacked the international financial market.

Author: Black Pearl On November 20th, Hang Seng Electronics Co., Ltd. official news, Hang Seng Electronics Blockchain Operations Director Ren Shan said that the China Banking Industry Association led the 11 head banks and four technology companies to participate in the "China Trade Finance Intermediary The trading blockchain platform has fully realized the domestic letter […]

Singapore Monetary Authority and JPMorgan Chase to develop blockchain-based cross-border payment prototypes

According to foreign media reports on November 1, the Singapore Central Bank – Singapore Monetary Authority (MAS) and investment bank giant JP Morgan Chase jointly developed a blockchain prototype for cross-border payments. (Source: wikimedia ) The Monetary Authority of Singapore announced the news on Monday that the prototype could allow users to pay in different […]

Swedish central bank economist: Libra reflects the central bank's failure in cross-border payments

Gabriel Soderberg, senior economist at the Swedish central bank responsible for the e-krona project, said policymakers need to catch up on cross-border payments. Soderberg told CoinDesk, “Libra's situation shows that the central bank has not yet met a demand for cheap and efficient cross-border payments. This huge gap means that central banks really have to […]

Wells Fargo wants to launch cryptocurrencies to help its global cross-border payment business

On the evening of September 17, there was external news that US financial giant Wells Fargo was developing a cryptocurrency called Wells Fargo Digital Cash (Wellcoin) linked to the US dollar. It is understood that Wellcoin will be the first in Wells Fargo. Running on the blockchain platform, it will initially be piloted for internal […]