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Libra: Changing Wealth Distribution Mechanism

Source: China Business News Original title: "Libra: wealth distribution mechanism of change" Author: Qu Lili Editor's note: The birth of Libra is receiving high attention and heated discussion from the "traditional" world. The main reason is that its founder, Facebook, has 2.7 billion users and 90 million companies. This volume is enough to give Facebook […]

Who is competing for C? Read the encrypted payment contest

Payment is at the core of nature, as an infrastructure – it is the intersection of information flow, capital flow and user traffic . Taking the development path of the Internet as a guide, payment provides a favorable foundation for financial activities such as wealth management, lending, credit reporting, etc. The mobile payment landscape is […]

Cross-border payment, three countries

The value brought by Bitcoin has been much more than just the number of beating on the K-line chart. After 10 years of birth, although the price has been cyclically cyclical, Bitcoin and the blockchain technology behind it are irreversibly Accepted by mainstream vision and penetrated into more aspects of our daily lives. This year, […]

Zhou Xiaochuan talks about digital currency, electronic payment, cross-border payment supervision and public spirit

Editor's note: On June 18th, Facebook released the Libra white paper on cryptocurrency projects, which once again sparked industry discussions on encrypted digital currencies. Libra's goal is to create a simple, borderless currency and financial infrastructure that serves billions of people. Once successfully issued, its future impact will not be limited to the cryptocurrency field, […]

Morgan, HSBC, Citigroup battle blockchain, who can dominate cross-border payment?

The blockchain reshapes the cross-border payment business, absorbing the world's wealth flows to the United States through bank tokens linked to the US dollar, helping the US to continue to stabilize US dollar hegemony. Recently, Bank of America has won another patent on blockchain. Previously, Bank of America became the bank with the most blockchain-related […]

Application and Research of Blockchain Technology in Cross-Border Payment

Introduction Cross-border payment is an increasingly hot field in China's economy. With the continuous development of domestic consumption and domestic enterprises, cross-border payment has become an important opportunity for China's economic activity and development. Current cross-border payments come in many forms, typically through cross-border transfers between banks and banks, through cross-border payments through Visa and […]