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IRISnet delivers cross-chain presentations and opens the Internet with DEX

IRISnet today achieved two important technical milestones: (1) completed the Cosmos Cross-Link Communication Protocol IBC's Pass-to-Transfer module (submitted to the Cosmos SDK code base) and released a visual demonstration version of the Rainbow Wallet for this feature; The San Francisco global blockchain hacker started to publicly demonstrate in the week; (2) officially opened the two-way […]

Technical exploration of cross-chain DEX prototypes: How to trade cross-chain assets within a single DEX?

Author: Y Master Source: Wanchain Wanwei Chain Editor's Note: The original title is "Technology Exploration of Cross-chain DEX Prototypes" The Wanchain team is developing a cross-chain DEX prototype for multiple public chains. The advantages of DEX Decentralized exchanges (if not specified, full text using DEX) have been slow to develop over the past few years […]

Babbitt Watch | Soul Torture: Is the cross-chain BTC still a "real" BTC?

In 2019, it was considered to be the first year of cross-chain. Cosmos and IRISnet, which attracted much attention, launched the main network in March. After the cross-chain agreement IBC was launched in November, it is expected to achieve interconnection. Polkdadot will also launch the main network in the fourth quarter of this year. Have […]

Innovatively launching the MOV agreement than the original chain, realizing the transaction, that is, the transfer, the smart contract

Since 2019, it has been more frequent than the original chain. Following the first multi-side architecture of Bystack in May, the innovative agreement MOV was launched again today, continuing to lead the public chain innovation. If Bystack successfully solves the dilemma of the blockchain "impossible triangle" through the "one main multi-side" architecture and lays the […]

Launching Shuttle, a cross-chain asset exchange tool, to help digital asset transitions than the original chain

Recently, I learned from the original chain technology team that they have developed and tested a cross-chain atomic asset exchange tool, which is a new type of decentralized cross-chain atomic asset exchange tool that can be implemented in the same Different assets are exchanged on one chain, and assets can be exchanged on different blockchain […]

Bitcoin is a big one, cross-chain is a pseudo-demand?

The Internet allows us to achieve free access and transmission of information. However, for the blockchain world, the data is isolated from the respective chains, and therefore, we call them the island of value. Existing networks (such as Bitcoin and Ethereum) are trying to solve a unique set of requirements, such as Bitcoin as a […]

Technical Perspectives | How do ordinary users earn miners in cross-chain?

Inscription: As a distributed ledger technology, blockchain can be applied in many fields such as finance, health care, supply chain, asset management, etc., but it is restricted by factors such as throughput, network isolation, scalability, etc. Blockchain projects do not serve commercial applications well. Among the many problems faced by blockchains, network isolation hinders the […]

IRISnet gallops: we have to cross not just the blockchain

A public chain can not solve all distributed collaboration problems has become the consensus of more and more people, and with the main online line of Cosmos and IRISnet, the cross-chain horn is officially blown. Since the launch on March 1, IRISnet has not stopped in the footsteps. On the chain, self-evolution, clear-cutting programs, multi-asset […]

Understand the four core modules of the IRISnet economic model and re-understand the development path and potential value of IRISnet

When it comes to cross-chain projects, you usually think of two systems, Polkadot and Cosmos. In fact, even in the Cosmos system, there are undiscovered jade. IRISnet in the Cosmos cross-chain system is a project worthy of attention. IRISnet's main network IRIS Hub is the first Hub in the Cosmos ecosystem, which was earlier than […]

The cross-chain twins market value exceeded 2 billion US dollars, where are the future investment opportunities?

When it comes to cross-chain investment, Cosmos and Polkadot are inseparable topics. Together, they are called “cross-chain doubles” and are highly sought after by investors. The latest market value of Cosmos, which is already on the exchange, reached $1 billion. Although Polkadot has not yet been listed on the exchange, according to the latest round […]