Articles of Cross-Chain Side Chains

Depth | How to cross-chain assets?

Source: WeChat public number ChainX community Original title: "Talking about asset cross-chain" Asset exchange is the first requirement in the world of encryption. It is also the source of development for the industry. As the wave of blockchains sweeps across the globe, it continues to affect the commercial civilization of human society. On the one […]

Talk about MOV than the three major heads of the original chain: Fully promote the cross-chain DeFi landing, the world blockchain conference released cross-chain test network

"MOV becomes, BTM will become". At the ChainNode AMA on October 9th, I was told by the founder of the original chain when answering questions from the community. In the general environment where the public chain can't find a very good business model, MOV has placed a high hope on the original chain team. According […]

Cross-chain is not only a wave card, how much do you know about cross-chain projects?

Cross-chain is a popular word this year. The core problem of its solution is value exchange and value island communication. The purpose is to achieve blockchain interconnection and break the data island. At present, there are many cross-chain projects. The most familiar ones are the cross-chain duo: polkadot and cosmos. In addition to these two […]

It’s hot for half a year, what’s going on now?

Original: Compilation: JackyLHH This year, it is called "the first year of cross-chain ". Cosmos, which has a cross-chain technology, has already launched its main network . Another Polkadot project that many people expect is also scheduled to be launched in the fourth quarter of this year. The "cross-chain" actually solves the problem of information […]

Technology Perspectives | How to solve the problems and challenges of all current cross-chain solutions?

Inscription: As a distributed ledger technology, blockchain can be applied in many fields such as finance, health care, supply chain, asset management, etc., but it is restricted by factors such as throughput, network isolation, scalability, etc. Blockchain projects do not serve commercial applications well. Among the many problems faced by blockchains, network isolation hinders the […]

What is Dimension based on the cross-chain version of EOS?

At present, scalability, privacy protection, distributed storage, consensus mechanisms, governance mechanisms, cross-chain interconnection and other technologies are still the problems faced by most teams in the process of developing and applying blockchain. Challenges are opportunities, and technical bottlenecks in every segment have the potential to generate billions of blockchain projects. The same is true. In […]