Articles of cross-chain technology

The epidemic is on the verge, and the era of large-scale landing of blockchain applications has accelerated!

During the epidemic, the combination of blockchain and traditional industries has greatly exerted its on-chain effectiveness, that is, instant efficiency, convenient interaction, openness and transparency. Especially in areas such as material donation, logistics and transportation, government management, supply chain finance and other fields have played a very important role. Here, we have integrated some excellent […]

Do you know the 5 important elements of blockchain cross-chain interoperability?

The cross-chain interoperability of the blockchain means that different blockchain networks can communicate with each other, share information, and be unrestricted, which is very important for the application of the blockchain. The author of this article is Richard Gendal Brown, Chief Technology Officer of R3. He helped create Corda. Corda is currently one of the […]

Getting started with blockchain | Hash lock for cross-chain technology solutions

In the vernacular before the tweet " Dr. Xiao Feng's praise of the two major cross-chain technology projects Cosmos and Poca " mentioned cross-chain technology, one of the implementation models of cross-chain technology is the hash lock, today white Let's explain in detail what is a hash lock. 01 Hash Lock and Lightning Network Hash […]

Understand the four core modules of the IRISnet economic model and re-understand the development path and potential value of IRISnet

When it comes to cross-chain projects, you usually think of two systems, Polkadot and Cosmos. In fact, even in the Cosmos system, there are undiscovered jade. IRISnet in the Cosmos cross-chain system is a project worthy of attention. IRISnet's main network IRIS Hub is the first Hub in the Cosmos ecosystem, which was earlier than […]

Analysis of Cross-chain Atomic Interchange Protocol

Foreword Each blockchain has its own data assets and data information. Since the creation of Bitcoin, TPS has always been a bottleneck in the blockchain industry, and it is difficult to break through. Various solutions have emerged for this industry to improve consensus, block expansion, and improve data structures. The side chain technology such as […]

Release Dapp's innovative potential across the chain

Cross-chain is one of the hottest topics in the industry and the most misunderstood topic (no one). Some people think that cross-chain has long been realized, and each exchange has spanned dozens of hundreds of chains. Some people say that exchanges are centralized, so that BTC/ETH/LTC/… transactions without trust are cross-chain. Some people say that […]

Come across the chain era, see how He Bin and Wang Bo say

Article source: Vernacular blockchain If 2018 is called the "first year of the public chain," 2019 may be called "the first year of the chain." On March 14th, the main network of the Cosmos project, which focuses on “ cross-chain technology ”, was successfully launched, which opened up a heated discussion among the industry on […]

Video|"8" Polkadot founder Gavin Wood: It's time to replace POW with POS

He is the designer of the famous board game Milton Keynes, but he can't help but praise "the Chinese board game is really fun." He is good at English, Italian, French, Spanish, and linguistics. He wrote a blockchain in 15 minutes, but it is also a "road idiot" that is easy to get lost in […]

Understand the blockchain 24 issues | See these two situations, dare to say that you understand the cross-chain!

The last issue: 9012, the side chain is still a dead and alive Schrödinger cat? We have already talked about the side chain. I have to say a few more words about the side chain. The side chain is native to the Bitcoin community, so there will be a subjective main side in the scene, […]