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Market Ineffectiveness Value Catcher: How Can the Crypto Asset Market Arbitrage?

Source: BlockVC Editor's Note: The original title was "The Value Catcher of Market Ineffectiveness: Detailed Arbitrage Strategies" The arbitrage strategy originates from The Law of One Price, that is, in a completely competitive market, the transaction prices of the same transaction target must be equal. Therefore, when the same transaction target has price deviations in […]

Economic bandwidth without trust: why Ethereum is irreplaceable

Source: Crypto Valley Live, original title "Ethereum Economic Bandwidth Classification" Author: Ryan Sean Adams, Lucas Campbell Translation: Ziming Economic bandwidth is the driving force behind open, decentralized financial services. In Eth2, economic bandwidth can also ensure Ethereum as a global settlement layer. The more economic bandwidth on the network, the higher the capacity of financial […]

DeFi P / E: Valuation of DeFi Tokens

Foreword: In the current crypto field, there are not many projects that can generate cash flow. In addition to centralized exchanges and mainstream public chains, the main ones that can generate substantial cash flow are DeFi projects. So, if we follow the traditional price-earnings ratio approach, can we value DeFi tokens? There are definitely problems […]

Twitter Picks | YouTube's "missing" aftermath: netizens don't buy it, V God thinks or has something to do with Google

1. YouTube " accidental deletion " aftermath : Crypto communities don't buy accounts, decentralized platforms are hotly debated again The YouTube cryptocurrency video incident that has caused a stir and controversy in the crypto community, YouTube said today that deleting hundreds of crypto-related videos this week is " accidental deletion ." A YouTube spokesperson said: […]