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How does the Fed's unlimited "print money" affect the crypto market?

On March 23, the Federal Reserve announced an unprecedented QE, including open asset purchases, which will be purchased daily With $ 75 billion in national debt and $ 50 billion in institutional housing mortgage-backed securities (MBS), daily and regular repo rates will be reset to 0% and more. What is unlimited QE? Quantitative easing mainly […]

Research Report | The average return of cryptocurrencies in 2019 is far less than that of traditional financial markets, and the risk is more than 5 times that of traditional financial markets

Source: Editor's Note: The original title was "2019 Cryptocurrency Revenue Survey and Investment Strategy Analysis Report" A year of enthusiastic development of the cryptocurrency industry in 2019, the development of the industry throughout the year is also extremely valuable for the development trend of 2020. Among them, the overall profitability of cryptocurrencies in 2019 […]

New York On Its Way To Becoming A Hub Of New Crypto Businesses

Cryptocurrency was treated by many as a technological wildcard for a number of years. Many didn’t fully understand it, and even more doubted its long-term value. At this point however, it’s fair to say that cryptocurrency has gained greater legitimacy. The value of the more noteworthy cryptos has sustained itself at a reasonably high level […]

$ 2 billion stock repurchase agreement reached, Bitcoin advocate Jack Dorsey will stay on Twitter as CEO

According to a Bitcoinist report on March 10, Twitter has reached an agreement with activist investor Elliott Management, and Jack Dorsey will continue to be the CEO of Twitter. This statement is a major victory for the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency communities. Board reorganizes, Dorsey will remain CEO Elliott Management's U.S. human rights investment operations director […]

US Congress Holds Blockchain Hearing, Participating Companies Outspoken: Crypto Tax Is A "Nightmare"

Source: CointelegraphChina At a U.S. Congress meeting entitled "The Cornerstone of Change: The Benefits of Blockchain Technology for Small Businesses," a witness to the conference said that the current cryptocurrency tax plan is too complex and unacceptable. Marvin Ammori, a member of the General Council of the Protocol Labs, responded to a question from Congressman […]

"Palace Fight" triggered by an acquisition: Steemit team declares war on the community

Decentralized content platform Steemit recently partnered with the Tron Foundation. It used the resources of Huobi, Binance and Poloniex to revoke the latest network changes, which triggered strong community protests. On February 14, Steemit reached a "strategic cooperation" with Tron. Chairman Steemit announced on social media that he had sold Steemit to Justin Sun, Tron's […]

New Zealand: IRD proposes to waive taxes on some cryptocurrencies to boost industry development

Source: CointelegraphChina The New Zealand Inland Revenue Authority has made new recommendations on the GST policy related to cryptocurrencies and is seeking public feedback on the issue. On February 24, the New Zealand Inland Revenue Department (IRD) released a document containing recommendations on improving and simplifying tax invoice requirements and excluding cryptocurrencies from specific GST […]

2020: The year Wall Street takes over cryptocurrencies

Not long ago, the German government began allowing local banks to store and sell cryptocurrencies, and Deutsche Bank even predicted that by 2022, cryptocurrencies will become mainstream and replace cash. Cynical people may start to ridicule Deutsche Bank-they didn't want to make money with cryptocurrencies because they hyped cryptocurrency technology. Regardless of the original intention, […]

Learn about British digital currency taxation in one article

Source: Crypto Valley Live Author: Robin Singh Translation: Zoe Zhou The British tax season is here. Digital currency investors need to be prepared this season to properly submit their digital currency tax returns. There are many signs that the HMRC is beginning to take drastic measures against digital currency tax evaders. In 2018, after the […]

Are Trezor wallets no longer secure? In just 15 minutes, hackers can steal private keys through physical access

According to Cointelegraph reported on February 1, Kraken Security Labs recently announced that Trezor hardware wallets and their derivatives can be used to steal private keys. Although the entire theft process is quite complicated, Kraken claims that hackers "simply perform physical access to the device in 15 minutes to succeed". (Image source: flickr ) This […]