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Using Messari's on-chain data to select currencies, what investment targets have we found?

Foreword Many of our currency circle's investment logic comes from large institutions, and many of our currency circle media's favorite projects also come from the investment portfolios of these large institutions. Are these investment logics, these portfolios bad? not necessarily. But how? Not necessarily. But we all like these investment logics very easily, and these […]

Graphic: Why is cryptocurrency investment diversified?

Source: Medium Translation: First Class (First.VIP)   Is it the best choice to buy bitcoin in a unified investment? What is an effective way to diversify a portfolio of cryptocurrency assets? Can crypto assets be diversified? This is a question that many HODLers have been asking. The fall in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has been […]

95% of cryptocurrency players are losing money? 6 amazing data tell you the real reason

Almost all cryptocurrency players know a widely circulated statistic: 95% of people are losing money. If you dig deeper, you will find that some research shows that this number may be higher. This field has emerged at an alarming rate with countless people with ideal ambitions. So why are so many talented people attracted by […]

Portrait of Chinese coin friend: 70% is less than 35 years old, mainly for high-income men

Highlights of this report: Summary Foreword Cryptographic investor portrait Cryptographic currency investment strategy Prospects for cryptocurrency Crypt currency future challenge Summary The survey received more than 100 Chinese cryptocurrency investors' feedback through questionnaires and interviews. According to the survey data, China's cryptocurrency investors are dominated by a group of young, strong, high-income and high-income people. […]

Encrypted currency and class crossing (4): elite class, bitcoin battle, petty bourgeoisie is the biggest loser

First, the elite enters, the three-way battle for bitcoin opens In the first chapter of "Cryptographic Currency and Stratum Crossing" , the author once mentioned a point: the reason why Bitcoin quickly created a large number of rich people in the early stages of development, and let these ordinary people complete class crossing, an important […]

The digital currency in the eyes of economists – risk articles: the wind

Digital Currency in the Eyes of Economists: Series Preface The digital currency in the eyes of economists – Classification: Bitcoin with no place for souls The digital currency in the eyes of economists – market articles: will there be no leek in the currency circle? The Digital Currency in the Eyes of Economists – The […]

Avoid Leek Thinking: 3 Tips for Investors

"If you lose in the competition, then you lose time; on the contrary, if you win, you will win in time." Article introduction: 1. Have clear planning and strategies before investing 2. Don't try to guess the short-term market trend 3. Avoid leek thinking solutions Yesterday, readers consulted, EOS bought at 58 yuan, it should […]