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Interpretation of the "2020 Cryptocurrency Act": New Ideas for the Cryptocurrency Regulation Model

Author: Luo Tao, Chief Compliance Counsel block chain Global Compliance Alliance, Tahota (Beijing) Law Firm, s The rapid development of cryptocurrencies and the lag of supervision have made market chaos inevitable. The uncertainty of the nature and types of cryptocurrencies has hindered the establishment of regulatory rules. With the continuous exploration of regulatory policies […]

15 countries joined hands to create a "cryptocurrency monitoring system" to see how regulation changes

In response to the encryption standards established by the FATF (Anti-Money Laundering Financial Action Task Force), encryption regulations around the world are quietly changing. Recently, according to the Nikkei News, a total of 15 countries are trying to cooperate to establish a new system designed by the FATF to enable countries to collect and share […]

The Digital Currency in the Eyes of Economists – Supervision: Keeping up with the times

[Editor's note] Faced with the new challenges of digital currency, economists are divided into two categories, one is scornful, and it is not worth mentioning that digital currency is a speculative bubble; the other is cautiously accepted and begins cutting-edge exploration. As the digital currency grows, more and more economists join the second camp. For […]

The most stringent regulation in the history of digital currency? Sorry, there may be misunderstandings

Recently, Bloomberg News, a "FATF will issue a note on June 21 to clarify how participating countries should supervise the digital asset sector" has attracted widespread attention in China. There are even domestic media claims that “the largest scale of strict regulation in history is coming”. Is this really true? Who is FATF? FATF is […]

Research | Stabilizing and Stabilizing Coins

The new round of economic crisis has weakened people's confidence in legal tender, and "monet liberalism" has become popular. In this context, the early digital currency of the decentralized release was born, but the instability of the currency made it impossible to perform the monetary function effectively. Stabilizing coins emerged on the basis of stable […]

US Attorney Davidson's Attitude: Demarcation of Digital Tokens and Securities Law

As the market picks up, cryptocurrency positioning and regulation become hot spots. Yesterday, US Congressman Davidson once again proposed a bill to exempt digital currency from the securities law, giving the cryptocurrency a legal status in the United States. Davidson said in a statement that if the bill is approved by Congress and signed into […]

Global Blockchain, Digital Assets Regulatory Policy and Practice – Latin America

Latin American countries are more encouraging about the application of blockchain technology, but they have different regulatory attitudes toward digital assets. Most Latin American governments are experimenting with blockchain technology to improve government transparency, including national fiscal revenue and expenditure testing, national identity management systems, banking services, and healthcare. This article will focus on the […]