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"Crypto World" under the epidemic: analysis report of the digital currency industry in the first quarter of 2020

Author: Mike Produced by: Coin Circle Xiao Li & Star Media Iran ’s military chief Sulaymani was attacked and killed. US-Iranian relations were tense again. Australia ’s forest fires burned for several months. More than 400 people were killed and new crown pneumonia swept the world. China used its national strength to fight the epidemic […]

2020 Blockchain Development Report: Financing transaction activities are shifting from the US to China, CBDC is about to appear

Translation: Liu Bin Source: Bit Technology Information Editor's Note: The original title was "CB Insights: Blockchain Development Report 2020"

KPMG 2019 Global Fintech Pulse Report: Blockchain is still a key investment area, large companies and governments have already acted

Author: Liu Bin Source: Didi Technology Information Editor's note: Original title was "KPMG's Global Fintech Pulse 2019 (Full Text)"

Behind "House N" in South Korea: Is Encryption Security Really Safe?

Author: Joyce Source: Blockchain Outpost On March 25, South Korean police conducted a rare public march against a criminal who was one of South Korean "N-room" operators "Dr. Zhao". He runs a series of sex chat rooms on instant messaging Telegram, shoots and uploads perverted videos, and receives hundreds of millions of won of cryptocurrency […]

How to evaluate the trust of crypto products and services? Here is a map of trust

When people talk about financial services (transactions, storage, lending, etc.) in the crypto industry, they always talk about "decentralization" or "centralization." Crypto evangelists tend to believe that the former is less risky because users can trust assets without trusting their counterparties, thereby avoiding the risk of financial loss due to hacking, misconduct, government seizures, and […]

Babbitt Interview | How Cryptocurrencies Change the World? We talked to the columnist of the international station

Cryptocurrency can change the world! "What is this bizarre MLM statement? It sounds short and powerful but unfounded." I believe most people will think this way when they first hear the above sentence. In many countries with strong economic strength, the operation of cash and cashless societies is perfect, and the existence of cryptocurrencies seems […]

South Korea passes special financial bill, cryptocurrency is finally fully legalized

Original: Sharing Finance Neo Source: Shared Finance Cryptocurrencies are finally legal. On March 5th, according to Korean media news, the Plenary Session of the Korean Parliament has passed an amendment to the special financial law, which will be implemented one year later (that is, March 2021). It is understood that the contents of the special […]

Perspective | 2020: The turning point for bulls and bears and the opportunity for blockchain to empower traditional industries

Source: Cointelegraph Chinese, Author: Czhang Failing to seize the opportunity of token investment from the end of 2017 to the beginning of 2018, and not paying attention to the secondary market in the middle and later years of 2018 is also a huge loss. The platform currency vent that was missed at the beginning of […]

US Presidential candidate Bloomberg: Cryptocurrency value has exceeded 100 billion US dollars, to provide clear regulatory rules for crypto assets

US presidential candidate and Bloomberg founder Michael Bloomberg is proposing rules to clarify the state of crypto assets in the financial system. Bloomberg hopes these measures will provide greater government oversight and consumer protection. Source: Pixabay Bloomberg legalizes cryptocurrency Bloomberg made these statements in his just-released Financial Reform Policy. Although not the first candidate to […]

Why is Meme essential to the success of cryptocurrencies?

Written by: Linda Xie, co-founder of blockchain investment agency Scalar Capital, early product manager at Coinbase Translation: Lu Jiangfei We consume meme and spread meme every day, but to make clear what meme is … it is really difficult. The word can hardly be translated. The academic world once gave it a scientific name called […]