Articles of cryptocurrency BSV

The restless January finally passed, BSV rose 182% to lead the crypto market

According to the comparison data, the cryptocurrency market will generally rise in the first month of 2020. In the past month, the turbulence in the international political situation and the drastic changes in the economic structure have had a significant impact on global financial markets and also affected the cryptocurrency market. At the beginning of […]

Morning Quotes: Crypto Markets Collective Up, Bitcoin SV Goes Crazy

Cryptocurrency market resurrected on Tuesday. Driven by the crazy upsurge of Bitcoin SV, the overall market rebounded strongly. According to the comparison data, Bitcoin SV has almost doubled in the past 24 hours. At present, the price has reached around 327 US dollars, and the market value has already reached the fourth position, second only […]

"No madness, no survival" —— The refining of the demon coin BSV

"Not crazy, not live" Craig Steven Wright once again used BSV's nearly 150% increase in one day to read his loyal "Party Feather" his great vision-hand-drawing is justice. According to Huobi data, as of the time before the author could not help writing, BSV 24H had a maximum real-time increase of 146%, from 22:52 to […]

Roger Ver "in the move", was sued by CSW for a video CEO and Bitcoin Jesus Roger Ver, who was sued by CW (Craig Wright) yesterday, said he was a liar in a video on YouTube that has been removed by YouTube. CSW has been suing many people in the field of cryptocurrencies , including anonymous Twitter users Hodlonaut , Peter McCormack and Ethereum co-founder Vitalik […]

Follow-up of the Hodlonaut incident: CSW responded for the first time and hopes to prove itself through litigation

The world of cryptocurrencies has fallen into chaos, and CSW has once again become the center of controversy. The entrepreneur, who claims to be a bitcoin creator, Nakamoto, warned that he plans to sue those who openly criticize him for defamation. Last week, CSW sent a letter to several celebrities in the circle to inform […]