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Cryptocurrency narrative notes: what are the interesting slogans of the crypto community?

Communities are always defined by narrative and then by reality. The core asset of cryptocurrencies is narrative. Early community participants often sell to others through word-of-mouth, rather than rigorous academic papers, lengthy product descriptions, or intensive technical documentation. Widespread communication will bring a wide audience, like-minded audiences will become loyal fans, loyal fans will have […]

January data shows: cryptocurrency derivatives market still dominated by "unregulated participants"

Author: Xi breeze When it comes to bitcoin derivatives, the most notable ones are the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME, CME Group) and the Intercontinental Exchange Group (ICE) cryptocurrency derivatives exchange Bakkt, both of which have launched their own Bitcoin futures and Bitcoin options products. Recent research has shown that, although bitcoin options are becoming more […]

Year-to-date soaring 47%, will ETH become the dark horse this year?

Since the beginning of 2020, due to the halving effect, the price of Bitcoin has risen sharply, by nearly 30%. At the same time, the currency with the second largest market capitalization has surged by over 47%, which seems to have triggered a wave of optimism. It is worth noting that price is not the […]

36 transactions cleared the HEX investment address, 48,000 ETH were scattered and transferred. It is suspected that the scam project is finally hammered?

About $ 7 million worth of ETH has been withdrawn from an address related to the cryptocurrency HEX, after weeks of speculation that the address will be used in an exit scam. These funds were transferred on January 6 through 36 separate transactions, with a withdrawal amount of 1337 ETH per transaction, valued at approximately […]

Crypto year review: what we went through in 2019

Original: Share Finance Neo Source: Shared Finance There is less than a week left until the end of 2019. In this year, the crypto world has its ups and downs. Overall, the fundamentals of the market are constantly growing. We all enjoyed a strong rebound in the first and second quarters of 2019, with BTC […]

Dry goods: how to profit by “moving bricks” in the cryptocurrency market?

Source: cryptoglobe Translation: First Class (First.VIP) You may hear arbitrage trading mentioned from time to time, but do you really understand how it works? In the following, I will delve into the different arbitrage methods and arbitrage methods in cryptocurrencies. What is arbitrage? Arbitrage is defined as: "Using different prices of the same asset, buying […]

Research: 90% of Ethereum addresses are losing money

According to data from IntoTheBlock, since the second largest cryptocurrency Ethereum has dropped from a high point, 31.31 million Ethereum addresses are losing money, which accounts for 90% of the number of Ethereum addresses. According to the comparison data, the current price of Ethereum is 129 US dollars, which is 91% lower than the historical […]

Buy $ 100 each for the Top 10 projects in early 2019. How much can you earn now?

Source: BlockBeats What is the best investment strategy? When the bear market returned, the Bitcoin price fell again to around 7000 US dollars. Faced with the current sideways market that is neither rising nor falling, the spot has shrunk, the futures have been out of stock, and the fixed investment has been lost. A good […]

Could this report be the culprit behind the overnight plunge in the crypto market?

Source: Shallot Blockchain At around 2:30 in the morning, Bitcoin dropped sharply, falling by nearly 3.5% in less than 10 minutes, and once approached $ 6,800, hitting a new low on November 28. It is worth noting that during the same time period, the decline of Ethereum was even worse, from $ 141 to below […]

The bottom of the broader market rebounded, and the main force of EOS is brewing a big market?

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